Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Beauty Business is still on top

It's not amazing to me that even in this horrible economic times "the beauty business" is still making money. As times get harder cosmetic sells soar. After 911 happened it was reported that spa services, cosmetic sells, and hair care were at a high. Saying all this when the going gets tough buy a new lipstick. We all know that won't take away the problems we have but it sure is nice to look good. Feeling better about your appearance can always be a boost. So go out and buy that one favorite beauty product you just cant live without. I think I'll go buy some mascara, that's my favorite beauty product. See you in a beauty store near you!!! If your feeling guilty remember Blaque Beauty Mama said it okay to treat your self 2 one thing, lol.

-Peace Mamas

Cognac: Sweet to the mouth but even better on the feet

Hey Mamas, it's that time to look for the hottest boots that will have heads turning. The new fun color is "Cognac". So sweet on the feet , I bet your toes will be thanking you. When you go out shopping for some lovely pair of boots or shoes "think cognac" before you pick up the black or brown pair. If you got money like that get a pair in all 3 colors. A girl can never have too many shoes.
-Peace Mamas
Happy Cognac shopping!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Through the clutter and drama

Hey Mamas,
I'm up to my neck in mess. Trying to find a way out of the clutter. Have you ever just looked around your home and asked your self were to begin? I know all you neat freaks are shaking your head no ,but I have 4 little boys that make it their duty to destroy. I clean up one room and the other one is trashed. I am starting to give up on a clean home. My mother tried to help me with laundry but it still didn't work. I will say the load has gotten crazy and I'm getting advice from all ends but I have to decide when will the mess end. I need a maid but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I'm just venting my frustration of a messing home that needs to be resolved. My first step is to get all my cleaning stuff and decide which room I will tackle. While everyone is dreaming, I'll be up probably mopping the kitchen floor that will soon be a mess again. I guess that's the life of a Mama sometimes. My day will come when my 4 boys will be cleaning the house and I wont lift a finger.
-Peace Mamas

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Honeyful Fall Attracts Bees this season...

Speaking of honey in my recent blog , I got to watch on Oprah the interview of the cast of "The Secret Life of Bees". I think its a must movie to see. I don't go to the movies often but I think this one is worth it. I love movies with some type of emotion and substance.

The movie takes place in the 60's. Its about a family of three women and a little white girl and another black woman that enter their world on the bee farm. The movie has many layers to it. the characters seem very intriguing to understand. If I go you know Mamas I will write a blog about it. I'm already giving it 2 thumbs up! The movie comes out October 17Th so mark your calendars and check it out. You might see it before me. I like to go see movies when all the hype dies down. I don't want to hear nobody smacking on popcorn or kicking my chair, lol. Well check it out when you can and have Honeyful Fall.

-Peace Mamas

Dip Your Self in Honey this Fall!!!

My prediction for Fall's newest must have scent is "Honey". As Erykah Badu had said "Honeeeeey yeah you so sweet!" I must have this for my beauty cabinet and I suggest you do the same. Carol's Daughter has a new product called SweetHoneyDip...ChocolateBrownSugah Scrub . You can pair this product up with SweetHoneyDip...ChocolateBrownSugah body butter. You will be so sweet for the fall season and prepared for the cold weather to come. Use the scrub first and then the body butter. I say this because you want to get rid of all the dead layers of skin so the body butter and penetrate the skin deeper into the the pores. You know what that means silky smooth honey skin all season long. Use the sugar scrub once a week to see honey fabulous results. Get these mouth watering products from www.carolsdaughter.com. Enjoy ladies I know I will.
-Peace Honey Mamas

Mama on the go: Nicey Nash

I was in the car yesterday coming from work going towards my mother house to pick up the boys. Switching through the radio stations I found myself listening to a interview. If anyone has heard her voice it cant be mistaken. Nicey Nash is on the radio being interviewed about her being a mother, being an actress, etc. What caught my attention the most was the guy interviewing Nicey asked her about taking her children with her on auditions. I found it shocking and funny. Nicey didn't deny it, she told him she took all 3 of her kids to interviews. Nicey also explained she had to do what she had to do during hard times.
The show that gave her a name "Reno 911!", she told the interviewer she took her 3 kids on that interview. While waiting too long for her audition for Reno 911, Nicey Nash goes into the room where the show is holding auditions and asks them"Are we going to get this horse and pony show on the road?". They ask her why "You have some where to go? ". She tells them "Yeah ya making me late, I have to take my kids to Chuckie Cheese." They ended up hiring her. Nicey felt she got the role because she was the most one comfortable in her own skin. I had to tell my Mamas that story. Nicey Nash is a mess but so funny at times. Well, I was inspired by her because although she has children that doesn't stop her from aiming high. People say once you have children its over but Nicey had three jobs at the same time with Reno 911!, Clean House, and a reoccurring role on the Bernie Mac Show. Just because your a Mama don't mean you cant be more than that. Reach for the stars and do it big no matter what the situation may be.
-Peace Mamas

Choosey Moms choose 2 be a slob?

Hey, Mamas. Hope I haven't been gone too long. Sometimes we have to go through life to write things worth reading. Speaking of going through life, I was watching Desperate Housewives new season. Well it was fast forward to the future of each character's life. If you watch the show you would know Eva's character Gabrielle is usually the sexy beautiful Hispanic woman on the show. Now that they have fast forward to the future she is a wife, mother of 2, and has lost her beauty.

I have no problem with her having a husband and kids but, I do have a problem that the writers or whom ever has depicted her character as busted and sloppy after having two kids. She still has a wonderful body on the show and the kids are not that young. I understand they are trying to show a change in her character but why must they betray mothers of children like they are a mess? Eva's character looked a mess and there was no reason for it. Her character Gabrielle has money.

I have 4 boys and pregnant and I don't go around looking a mess. I don't have money like that but trust I still make it happen. I have some bad days but majority of my day I'm looking right. You choose to look like a slob and blame it on the kids and marriage. Sometimes you may lose your way on how too dress because after the babies your body changes. Looking a mess is not an option 4 me. I still sometimes wear heels with my 4 sons and pregnant. If you want to be a slob and blame it on being a mother that's your choice. I choose to be fabulous with even when I become an old woman with gray hair. Mamas with kids don't let your beauty fade its still always there.

-Peace Mamas