Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mama on the go: Nicey Nash

I was in the car yesterday coming from work going towards my mother house to pick up the boys. Switching through the radio stations I found myself listening to a interview. If anyone has heard her voice it cant be mistaken. Nicey Nash is on the radio being interviewed about her being a mother, being an actress, etc. What caught my attention the most was the guy interviewing Nicey asked her about taking her children with her on auditions. I found it shocking and funny. Nicey didn't deny it, she told him she took all 3 of her kids to interviews. Nicey also explained she had to do what she had to do during hard times.
The show that gave her a name "Reno 911!", she told the interviewer she took her 3 kids on that interview. While waiting too long for her audition for Reno 911, Nicey Nash goes into the room where the show is holding auditions and asks them"Are we going to get this horse and pony show on the road?". They ask her why "You have some where to go? ". She tells them "Yeah ya making me late, I have to take my kids to Chuckie Cheese." They ended up hiring her. Nicey felt she got the role because she was the most one comfortable in her own skin. I had to tell my Mamas that story. Nicey Nash is a mess but so funny at times. Well, I was inspired by her because although she has children that doesn't stop her from aiming high. People say once you have children its over but Nicey had three jobs at the same time with Reno 911!, Clean House, and a reoccurring role on the Bernie Mac Show. Just because your a Mama don't mean you cant be more than that. Reach for the stars and do it big no matter what the situation may be.
-Peace Mamas

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