Thursday, October 2, 2008

Choosey Moms choose 2 be a slob?

Hey, Mamas. Hope I haven't been gone too long. Sometimes we have to go through life to write things worth reading. Speaking of going through life, I was watching Desperate Housewives new season. Well it was fast forward to the future of each character's life. If you watch the show you would know Eva's character Gabrielle is usually the sexy beautiful Hispanic woman on the show. Now that they have fast forward to the future she is a wife, mother of 2, and has lost her beauty.

I have no problem with her having a husband and kids but, I do have a problem that the writers or whom ever has depicted her character as busted and sloppy after having two kids. She still has a wonderful body on the show and the kids are not that young. I understand they are trying to show a change in her character but why must they betray mothers of children like they are a mess? Eva's character looked a mess and there was no reason for it. Her character Gabrielle has money.

I have 4 boys and pregnant and I don't go around looking a mess. I don't have money like that but trust I still make it happen. I have some bad days but majority of my day I'm looking right. You choose to look like a slob and blame it on the kids and marriage. Sometimes you may lose your way on how too dress because after the babies your body changes. Looking a mess is not an option 4 me. I still sometimes wear heels with my 4 sons and pregnant. If you want to be a slob and blame it on being a mother that's your choice. I choose to be fabulous with even when I become an old woman with gray hair. Mamas with kids don't let your beauty fade its still always there.

-Peace Mamas

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