Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dip Your Self in Honey this Fall!!!

My prediction for Fall's newest must have scent is "Honey". As Erykah Badu had said "Honeeeeey yeah you so sweet!" I must have this for my beauty cabinet and I suggest you do the same. Carol's Daughter has a new product called SweetHoneyDip...ChocolateBrownSugah Scrub . You can pair this product up with SweetHoneyDip...ChocolateBrownSugah body butter. You will be so sweet for the fall season and prepared for the cold weather to come. Use the scrub first and then the body butter. I say this because you want to get rid of all the dead layers of skin so the body butter and penetrate the skin deeper into the the pores. You know what that means silky smooth honey skin all season long. Use the sugar scrub once a week to see honey fabulous results. Get these mouth watering products from Enjoy ladies I know I will.
-Peace Honey Mamas

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