Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Honeyful Fall Attracts Bees this season...

Speaking of honey in my recent blog , I got to watch on Oprah the interview of the cast of "The Secret Life of Bees". I think its a must movie to see. I don't go to the movies often but I think this one is worth it. I love movies with some type of emotion and substance.

The movie takes place in the 60's. Its about a family of three women and a little white girl and another black woman that enter their world on the bee farm. The movie has many layers to it. the characters seem very intriguing to understand. If I go you know Mamas I will write a blog about it. I'm already giving it 2 thumbs up! The movie comes out October 17Th so mark your calendars and check it out. You might see it before me. I like to go see movies when all the hype dies down. I don't want to hear nobody smacking on popcorn or kicking my chair, lol. Well check it out when you can and have Honeyful Fall.

-Peace Mamas


  1. If you get a chance and haven't read the book, please do so before you see the movie. The book is well written and the characters are so vivid that I'm curious to see whether the cast matches up to the book. My daughter expressed that Dakota's age/look are not that of the character in the book and I agree. I would've liked an older teen in the role. But, we're excited to see this wonderful life book on the big screen with beautiful black women!

  2. I think I will try to read the book first. I was talking to my sister and said we should read it to see the difference between the two.