Monday, September 6, 2010

Life in Rewind...

In search of some study material I pulled down a box full of notebooks. I found some old journals I have kept from the past years and decided to read them. I read over some pages of a journal I kept from 2001. Yeah, I'm a pack rat and keep almost everything. I laughed, cried, and wondered at the things I wrote at such a young lady's life. If I could go back in time to talk to young Hev I would tell her not to worry so much, stay focused, and so much more. My words of wisdom on love to young Heather I have plenty. I might scare her by telling her the bad things she might experience in the future. Although time travel doesn't exist for me at times I wish I could change some things in my past. Reality shows are kind of like time travel. You can watch people's lives in the past and know their future. I was watching some reruns of a reality show and I thought to myself  did these girls ever think they would be enemies. In the older episodes of the reality show they were best friends. Now in 2010 you see them in interviews spitting venom on each others name. We never know what's in store for us in life.
We just keep on living hoping whatever is to come it just might be better than before.

Eating In The Dark: Mama put down the cookie!

OK...I'm a night eater. My cravings come at night and I love to eat junk. You can find me eating cookies while the open refrigerator gives me enough light to stand in the dark. I know I'm getting bad when I really don't care about how much I consume at night. I know its wrong but I'll eat something sweet and then drink a bottle of water and tell my self that was your healthy choice for tonight. I know I'm not alone with the sweet tooth night cravings. Some people might like to eat salty food at night but sweets are my thing. So next grocery visit I have a plan to turn around my bad prego night cravings. I have to before I'm a fat girl and not a phat girl. Its easy to pack on the pounds while pregnant. I have a plan and I wanted to share it with my preggers & night eating readers....

  • Drink lots of water with meals and in between. Water can fill you up and make you eat small amounts of food.
  • Have fruit rinsed off and cut all ready in Ziploc bags for quick eating.
  • A nice trail mix can be nice for when I want a little salty sweet treat.
  • Also have vegetables in bite sizes rinsed and ready to eat.
  • Dark chocolate Raisinets are healthier to eat instead of the milk chocolate ones.
  • Keep a box of Chocolate Cheerios in the house to eat dry with out
  • Maybe granola bars can replace my cookies
  • Stop buying junk food period and only have healthy options for me and the boys

    So I will see how it works out and update you later. Its late right now and I'm trying finish this chocolate cake before I go on my healthy eating voyage...ttyl

Happy 200 blogs BB Mama! :How Blogging gave me a voice

I started blogging in 2008 and now I have hit the mark of 200 blogs. I am amazed at this accomplishment. Who would ever think the quiet little girl from Indiana would have a voice to speak her mind and others would listen. I found out my love for writing in high school but really my true love for writing came from journal writing. I remember watching The Color Purple and how the characters wrote back and forth to each other. I cant remember which character wrote letters to God but after reading the book and watching the movie I decided to do the same. Then years later  I wrote a beauty article for my son's school newsletter for parents. After writing for the newsletter my love for writing was sparked again. I found out about blogging on blogspot and now you have yours truly Chronicles of Blaque Beauty Mama. I have shared my tips, tricks, advice, and  life lessons with all. I thank all my readers, followers, and even the closet BB Mama readers that would never tell a soul their a fan. Thanks for reading it means alot to me. I found my voice through blogging and I can only hope it gets stronger with time. I still keep a journal but its nice to share my thoughts with others. Keep reading!....

More to come...interviews, beauty reviews, trending fashion and mommy life stories.