Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blaque Beauty Flashback Moment

When your a little girl you
usually have someone as an inspiration of beauty.
You look to that person to show you how to be beautiful.
I remember when I was a little girl my mother would apply makeup on my sisters and I. After we did that we would help her put makeup on my father. My most favorite beauty moment was watching my big sister put on makeup. I would watch her all the time. So one day I got a black colored pencil and started to try to out line my eyes like I saw Keha do all the time. I didn't get the memo that she used eyeliner not a colored pencil. I'm still in the mirror pressing hard on my eyes and Keha stops me laughing. She gave me one of her eyeliner pencils.
The beauty bug bit me that day. I used that eyeliner
everyday and perfected applying it. I still laugh about that moment.
That was my start in becoming Blaque Beauty Mama.
When was your moment Mamas? Who taught you about beauty?
If you have a little girl or a little sister give them

"Blaque Beauty Moments". I promise they will remember.

-Peace Mamas