Wednesday, December 1, 2010

THE BOOK is here!!!

I'm excited to say I have finally finished my book Chronicles of Blaque Beauty Mama Vol.1. It has taken me some time to write it but I believe well worth the wait. The book is very similar to my blog but much of the tips, advice, and lesson will last for years.I will first put the book out in ebook format for people to read online and then start the process of getting my book out there ready to sell. Also my readers that live in other countries over in Europe, China, Canada etc. you can purchase the ebook as well. I'm hearing that ebooks are really becoming popular. The cover to the book is to the right of my blog on the book and it will send you to the site to purchase Chronicles of Blaque Beauty Mama Vol. 1. I'm also in the works of writing Vol.2 so being looking for that soon. I just hope many like my first book. Thanks for the support in advance.

You can also click this link below to get to my ebook site...

-Peace & Many Blessings