Friday, July 30, 2010

No Limits with Open Sky

Hey Mamas,

  Not too long ago this week I was getting dressed watching Good Morning America. The story that peaked my interest was about mothers working from home.  I'm thinking to my self I have to watch this. I find out one lady is a blogger working from home reviewing and selling products to her readers that she loves and! I instantly write down the link. Open Sky! I'm running to the computer that's for me. I sign up on the website and a day later I get an email. I get invited to be apart of Open Sky and open up my own shop! The nice part about Open Sky is someone calls you to get you started and familiar with the company. I was called by Matt. He answered all my questions about Open Sky and helped me to feel comfortable about selling.

  So ladies August 10th I'm open for business. My shop will be open and I'm ready to let you know whats hot! I will only inform you about products I love that I know you will love. You will be able to easily purchase my reviewed products from me. Open Sky was the perfect fit for me being a blogger and loving to review great products. We hear about products everywhere but now you can buy from an everyday person like your self. I'm happy to say this will be a new element added to my blog that will get you even more involved with me. If your a blogger or have a small business and great products check out Open Sky. Go to the steps to getting started are super easy! Be on the look out for my Blaque Beauty Mama product reviews. I hope you will enjoy!

-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fall for Flats

Hey Mamas,

Fall is around the corner and its time to go shopping. An email from Payless brought another transitional shoe to my mind. Flats!!! or ballerina flats some may call them is the perfect shoe to buy for early fall. Your foot will have just the right balance of coverage and skin showing. You can still wear them in summer and never feel like your breaking out the fall gear to early. We all know retail stores like to bring out the fall apparel quick while summer is on our minds. So... stock up on your flats fast!!!! Check out Payeless
 They are having some nice deals and I just went to Target and saw some cute ones I'm thinking of getting. You can't go wrong with a flat majority of the time. Get yours today!

-Peace & Happy Shopping!

The Token One...

Hey Mamas,

  I remember back in the day 90210 had not one black person on the show. Now we see  a couple of different black faces on the show and one of the main characters is a black boy. In my head I think should I really be jumping up and applauding the fact that one token black boy made it on the show. Yes, its nice to see us on television but why is there such a lack of us on shows. My sons love to watch reruns of Everybody Hates Chris . Now a perfectly decent show is off the air and CW places shows on with no plot and the dialog is boring. You can flip through the channels and every time see a white face. The only time you will see a black face on a consistent basis is  on BET or TV One. What ever happen to great quality black shows like Cosby and A Different World? I still today can watch reruns of both shows and laugh.It was said that during the time A Different World was on t.v. there was an increase of young black children wanting to attend black colleges. I love to see us in comedy but its getting rather played out to see our own always being the clowns. In the movies we see so many token black actors. I'm starting to wonder are these actors not caring at all to be stereotyped. There are a few good shows out there that I like. I am looking forward to The Game coming back on... another  good show cancelled by CW. I also saw a new spy show coming out with Boris Kodjoe and another black actress. Well we will see what shows come out this fall. Obama is president but you still can't get a good foundation of  black shows and movies with great plots and drama. Have things really changed?... HMmmmm....


Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's all possible!!!

Hey Mamas,

 I took a little break from the blogging. I have been busy with some projects that are making me very happy. Tyra Banks and many others stand tall, happy, and proud when receiving awards for their hard work and I feel the same. I didn't receive an award but I really feel like I got one. July has been a successful month for me. My sister and I finally formulated products for our business Soul Sistah Cosmetics. We were vendors at an event and sold all of our lip balms. I also got to feature my blog at the event and have some new readers. I found out I'm a great graphic artist and website designer. I never thought I could build my own website. My home is finally in order and the boys are doing great with the chores. Trust me my life isn't always a bowl of sunshine but my accomplishments mean so much to me. I'm moving at a pace that Christ wants me to be at and if I have him in my corner I'm good. I'm a mother of 5 and sometimes that can be really difficult to make things happen. In the month of July I found out it's possible to do all the things I want to do for my self and my family. It's hard work but its all worth it!...

Phil 4:13

-Peace & Many Blessings

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The No, No Zone: Talk 2 Your Kids About Molestation

Hey Mamas,

Sorry to say it but we are living in a sick world. In Maryland numerous reports of child molestation are being reported. The sad fact is many of these children are only in the age range of 1-4yrs old. One major thing a mother and father should know is most child molestation occurs from a relative. Many children don't tell their parents because they believe it will hurt the family. I know for myself I talk to my children about good touch and bad touch. I also tell them the right names for their private parts so if something happens they can tell me exactly the area that has been touched. I know it may be horrible to think your child might become a victim of child molestation but it's good that you prepare them early about the society they live in. I remember when I was younger some of my classmates still believed babies were delivered by storks and didn't know the proper name for their private parts. A misinformed child leaves room for child predators to easily harm and take advantage of their ignorance. I let my boys know I don't care if its a relative, teacher, or stranger you tell me if someone touches you the wrong way. Kids are never to young to learn about good touch and  bad touch. If you haven't had that talk with your children maybe you should start today. Molestation is something that can affect a child when they become an adult. We have to make sure we are raising and protecting our children to be happy and successful adults. Talk to your kids today.


Never Underestimate Your Kids

Hello Mamas,

After talking to my twin about getting control over the house work in the home I finally made a chore chart. I usually do all the chores in the house alone believing the boys are too young to help. So when I sat down to make the chore chart I had to think about what could the the boys truly do without driving me crazy. I'm shocked that I came up with about 15 things within the house my little ones can do with no problems. Yesterday we started the chore chart and to my surprised everyone was very excited. My son that's two helped me with breakfast and did a great job. My oldest vacuumed and so much more to my surprise he was able to accomplish on his own. At night before I turned off the lights I looked at the downstairs in disbelief.  I must say I underestimated my sons' ability to do chores. I'm happy for the simple advice I received. I hope these chores will teach the boys responsibility and make them great men in the future. Chores are great for kids and great for mommy too.

-Peace& Many Blessings

Peek-a-Boot: The Hottest Transitional Trend

Hey Mamas,

Some people may think boots in the summer that will never be me. The latest trend is Peep-toe Boots. You can match them up with just about anything. I have seen them in many fun colors that will have your wardrobe popping with color and texture. The fabulous thing about these boots are they transition into fall. You can wear your peep-toe boots with some skinny jeans in the fall and still look in season. Next time you go shopping invest in some peep toe boots. I promise you will get your money's worth out of these shoes.

-Peace& Many blessings