Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Token One...

Hey Mamas,

  I remember back in the day 90210 had not one black person on the show. Now we see  a couple of different black faces on the show and one of the main characters is a black boy. In my head I think should I really be jumping up and applauding the fact that one token black boy made it on the show. Yes, its nice to see us on television but why is there such a lack of us on shows. My sons love to watch reruns of Everybody Hates Chris . Now a perfectly decent show is off the air and CW places shows on with no plot and the dialog is boring. You can flip through the channels and every time see a white face. The only time you will see a black face on a consistent basis is  on BET or TV One. What ever happen to great quality black shows like Cosby and A Different World? I still today can watch reruns of both shows and laugh.It was said that during the time A Different World was on t.v. there was an increase of young black children wanting to attend black colleges. I love to see us in comedy but its getting rather played out to see our own always being the clowns. In the movies we see so many token black actors. I'm starting to wonder are these actors not caring at all to be stereotyped. There are a few good shows out there that I like. I am looking forward to The Game coming back on... another  good show cancelled by CW. I also saw a new spy show coming out with Boris Kodjoe and another black actress. Well we will see what shows come out this fall. Obama is president but you still can't get a good foundation of  black shows and movies with great plots and drama. Have things really changed?... HMmmmm....


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