Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Nail Quickie ...

    In the life of a mommy on the go you want to look nice while doing it all. Most times I focus on my hair and face looking the most appropriate to get through the day. My nails are last because I feel like I never really have enough time for them to dry. I started making sure I give my self a pedicure once a week, but I still neglected my hands. I was at Walgreens with my sister buying makeup and we started looking at nail polish. Wet n Wild has been my favorite brand of nail polish but I never found them to make nail polish that dries fast. I looking in the Wet n Wild  section and see their FAST DRY nail polish. They have an array of bold colors with corky name like "Grey's Anatomy","Everybody Loves Redmond", and "Sage in The City". I got "Everybody loves Redmond" and I love the tomato bright red color. The nail polish is only $1.99 and you can get the clear top coat paired with another color at Walgreens for $1.99. I finally took time to paint my nails and toes and guess what....Wet n Wild Fast Dry is wonderful! The first coat of nail polish dried in about 60 seconds and the second coat dried just as fast. I was able to paint my nails and toes in under 15 minutes. I give this product 3 stars for fabulous mommies on the go. Try it you will love it!

BB Mama's Health & Beauty Issue

 Hey Mamas!

 Life is for the living and we must continue to grow and learn. On my journey of life I'm choosing to make healthy changes. As I once heard "We don't live to eat ...we eat to live." Healthy eating is vital for us to survive and maintain balance. I have found it actually easy to start making steps to eat healthier and have fun preparing meals. I want to share with you my journey and keep you updated with product reviews, healthy tips and meal plans. Now I wouldn't be "Beauty Mama" without having some fun reviews. Yes, I have some great products for you to run and buy! I have tried some great beauty products and the reviews will be featured in this issue. I know it's been a little hiatus but that's life. Hello again I hope you still like & love my blog.

-Peace & Abundance
  HEV (BB Mama)