Monday, November 21, 2011

Daddy's Girl...

    A father can put his daughter up on his shoulders and show her the world...

     I was and still am "A Daddy's Girl" and for good reason. At a young age we watch our fathers to see what we want in a man. We watch them take care of the house hold and how they treat our mothers. Bad and good can be shown but we accept it because as a child you only know what you see and hear to be true.

My life has taken a big change. Coming out of a very long and painful relationship can be difficult. Your trust in men can become very hard to do. I view men differently for right now as I heal. You hold up a shield not wanting to get hurt or really to interact with the opposite sex. In all this change, pain, and healing my father gives me hope. I watched my father step in my life and my sons to show me what I should have in a man. A man protects and takes care of his family. He communicates and no matter how late it is he keeps his word. I will not accept anything less than what my father has shown me. I don't think I'm fully restored in men but my father and sons are helping me in that area. My focus is to make my sons into men that have integrity and respect. The world is so lacking good men. So I look into all my son's eyes with hope of the future.

-PEACE (Healing7)

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey, Hello, I'm back...

Yes, I took a hiatus. Sorry I was gone for so long. My birthday is coming soon and since my last birthday my life has totally changed. I have lost close friends and family members out of my life. My views on many issues and beliefs have changed. The changes in my life hurt but its helping me to heal. I was talking to my mother and she gave me some things to think about. Its always wise to speak to older women and receive wisdom. I have done a lot of reflecting on my life and understand each day has to be taken with thought and care. Sometimes we allow our minds, hearts, spirits to be trapped in box not allowing ourselves to be free. We have so much to learn and different levels of of life to embark on. Life being contained in a box is scary. In my process of healing I chose to come out of the conforming walls. I choose not to be suppressed by anybody or anything. Happiness is what we all search for and I'm on the quest of finding it. I think I will be happy for my birthday to come with a renewed heart and spirit. So much has changed but for the good. Healing is a process and I'm getting better with each day.

-Peace Mamas

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Nail Quickie ...

    In the life of a mommy on the go you want to look nice while doing it all. Most times I focus on my hair and face looking the most appropriate to get through the day. My nails are last because I feel like I never really have enough time for them to dry. I started making sure I give my self a pedicure once a week, but I still neglected my hands. I was at Walgreens with my sister buying makeup and we started looking at nail polish. Wet n Wild has been my favorite brand of nail polish but I never found them to make nail polish that dries fast. I looking in the Wet n Wild  section and see their FAST DRY nail polish. They have an array of bold colors with corky name like "Grey's Anatomy","Everybody Loves Redmond", and "Sage in The City". I got "Everybody loves Redmond" and I love the tomato bright red color. The nail polish is only $1.99 and you can get the clear top coat paired with another color at Walgreens for $1.99. I finally took time to paint my nails and toes and guess what....Wet n Wild Fast Dry is wonderful! The first coat of nail polish dried in about 60 seconds and the second coat dried just as fast. I was able to paint my nails and toes in under 15 minutes. I give this product 3 stars for fabulous mommies on the go. Try it you will love it!

BB Mama's Health & Beauty Issue

 Hey Mamas!

 Life is for the living and we must continue to grow and learn. On my journey of life I'm choosing to make healthy changes. As I once heard "We don't live to eat ...we eat to live." Healthy eating is vital for us to survive and maintain balance. I have found it actually easy to start making steps to eat healthier and have fun preparing meals. I want to share with you my journey and keep you updated with product reviews, healthy tips and meal plans. Now I wouldn't be "Beauty Mama" without having some fun reviews. Yes, I have some great products for you to run and buy! I have tried some great beauty products and the reviews will be featured in this issue. I know it's been a little hiatus but that's life. Hello again I hope you still like & love my blog.

-Peace & Abundance
  HEV (BB Mama)

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Real Rose Colored Glasses...

Yesterday I saw this commercial about HD Aviators. The commercial shows you how the glasses enhance the colors and make images clearer. Now at first I'm thinking wow. Then I'm thinking why the hell does reality need to be enhanced. You go outside the sky is blue, the sun is yellow, and the grass is green. Why do we need to see colors enhanced that are part of the nature elements of life? So when we take off the glasses after wearing them for 20 minutes to an hour... reality will set in that this world is too dull in color.

     We want our television watching, music, DVDs, and Internet service in HD. Now we must look at real life in HD because life isn't satisfying any more. Technology has invaded our lives in every way we can imagine and we love it. Many of us live our lives with our "Rose Colored Glasses" on. We would rather not deal with the truths of many things and people. Now we have real life  rose colored glasses to go with a mind set of people. Reality is sad and boring... lets enhance it to make it fun and bright. Gods creation is wonderful its the one true thing that needs not to be enhanced. Lets all take off the rosy glasses and breathe a little reality in. Seek truth in everything and face real makes you stronger.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Old Hev,...

Growing is always needed whether it be physical or spiritual growth. Yesterday I heard a song by Nicki Minaj  from her album Pink Friday called "Dear Old Nicki". As I listened to the song it was about her talking to her old self wanting her to come back but knowing she has changed and Old Nicki wont be coming back. Today I can relate to that song and there is a lot I can say to Old Hev.

Dear Old Hev,

         You will never be forgotten because you will always be apart of me. Hev you did good finding your way and ignoring all the naysayers. When nobody was your friend and you were avoided by others you kept your head up. You still pursued to love Christ in spite of adversity. I still admire your strength. You had one little boy that's now seven. Look at you thought you couldn't be a good mother. Jasiyah, your oldest he is doing fine. You taught him well in the ways of The Lord. Now he is teaching his little brothers. Things you prayed to happen are existing. God has heard all of your prayers. Your parents came through and understand you will be ok. I don't prove my self to nobody no more...the fight is over. Your sisters and friends may not be the same circle but, all are well. I know you believed in keeping everyone together but, your job is done now. The long locks are a now a short fro. I know you loved the long hair but it had to go. No more flowers in the hair.I have matured in fashion and refined my look. My spirit has grown and the name has changed. I'm more humble but confidence remains to grow. I look for you sometimes and I see you in passing. I just wanted you to know I miss you . I'm moving on but your not forgotten. I'll never say good bye ...but always later.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Revisiting The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Thirteen years ago Lauryn Hill's album The Miseducation of LAURYN HILL came out and hit the radio waves hard. Now 2011 I'm in the van with my sons listening to her album. Wow, its been a minute but I remember every song and memorized every verse. Lauryn brought something new to the table while most female rappers talked about sex, money, and designer clothes. She was a breath of fresh air for a young girl like me. I needed  a better influence than Lil Kim an Foxy Brown. When Doo Wop(That Thing) song came out it made me think. I was in the car with my best friend and her mother. "Lauryn's voice came out powerful through speakers saying " It's silly when girls sell their soul because it's in
Look at where you be in hair weaves like Europeans
Fake nails done by Koreans,Come again...."

She spoke to her people wanting more for them. Now as a woman I revisit her words, her songs, and her life during this time. I listen to her music and my sons ask questions about the things she may say and I understand.  Lauryn songs were of the trials and tribulations she was living and she shared them with the masses. She had her part in the process of me wanting to change. Her words stuck with me and now I can say I have stood the test of time to see my change.Her album is timeless...a classic that now my sons can enjoy.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Coming Soon! Hev Hayes: "The Wardrobe Blazer"

If you don't know by now I love fashion. My first love has always been the art of clothes.
I wear many hats in the beauty field but wardrobe is my favorite. My friends and family are always asking me for help with their wardrobe and I love it.Now I have the opportunity to help many others find their personal style. My new column HEV HAYES: The Wardrobe Blazer will be featured in Liberated Strands Magazine.  I will be answering all wardrobe related questions such as...

What can I wear with white skinny jeans?

How can I define my waist line without wearing a belt?

I'm short but want to wear long skirts...what should I do?

Can you wear boots in the spring and summer?

Does this peak your interest?...  Men and women can ask me questions and I will respond with my expert experience in fashion.You can send me pictures of your outfit, shoes, suit, bag, etc that you need help with hooking up. I will respond with pictures and also places to find  great deals to create your look.

Email me at 

Make sure to include your first name and the area you live in. I know people read my blog in other countries and would like to ask questions. Feel free to email me your wardrobe questions. Thank you for your support!...


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pattern Play

Pattern Play
Pattern Play by blaquestyle featuring platform stiletto heels

Mix and Match ...having fun

"The Big Chop!" Letting it all go...

   Its taken a month to write this...

      I was waiting for the words to come out to express how I feel. I've been distracted by so many things in life and the days go quick. Looking inside a plastic grocery bag I see my locks. My long beautiful locks are gone. It took a process to cut my hair. I wanted to cut it but never had the guts to do it. The vanity of long hair and all the glory that comes with it prevented me from chopping it off. I remember standing in the mirror piece by piece cutting and unwinding my locks. While everyone was sleep. I took time by my self to let go. Let go of negative energy and move on. Time for change...10yrs I have had my locks and now they were bagged away in plastic. Locked away energy and memories they hold. At the time of cutting my hair I didn't cry until it was finished. I never got to see my true curl pattern as an adult. I washed my hair and combed it. I looked at my self again in the mirror. I ran my fingers through my hair and touched my wet curls. I felt a release... I felt free.My younger sons will only know me with short hair for now. My oldest son told me he loves me no matter how I have my hair.There are days I miss my long hair and there are days I don't. Its been a month but it feels like a year. I'm learning to love everything about me. My hair doesn't define my spirit makes me who I am.

My journey continues to go as I learn to love and understand me.

-Peace...dedicated 2 her (Not lost but found)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Find Your Personal Style!

Blaque Style
Wardrobe Consulting

Personal Shopping 101: One on one shopping fun! Get expert advice from a pro. We will work together to create the best look for you. ($100/2hrs)*

Cyber Stylist Consultations: Wardrobe styling coming to you via internet. Travel no more… your stylist is at the click of a mouse. Get your personal inbox wardrobe creations. Happily hear your computer say “you’ve got style”.
($45/time varies on clients needs)*

Shop Your Closet: On a budget and have a million things in the closet? Let me search your closet for the best outfits with my fabulous finds. Mix and match great style at the turn of a knob. ($75/2hrs)*

Closet Makeover: Your closet is a mess and yes you need professional help. Let’s get your closet organized. Revamp your wardrobe with tricks of the trade and have plenty of outfits to choose. Walk into your closet with space and visibility. ($150/3hrs)

·        Prices may vary depending on the clients needs.

Hev Hayes

Friday, February 25, 2011

Losing It Together...

So many weight lost shows are now having partners on losing weight together.You see siblings, husbands and wives, friends, and parent/child teams. Lets face it working out alone is no fun. When working out alone you may do it alone in front of the television...can I say boring! Partner weight lost has been found to be the most productive and fun way to lose weight.If you team up with someone you can motivate each other to stay focused on your goals. When choosing a partner make sure they truly want to lose the pounds. You need someone in it for the long haul. Your partner and you should make realistic weight lost goals together and both make sure to be aware of  each others goals. Make a schedule of the time and days you plan to work out together. Keep each other motivated and give out tough love if necessary. It doesn't matter if you choose to workout at home,outside, or at a gym....have fun and enjoy each other. Weight lost should be on your terms and not because someone wants you to lose the weight. If  your fine with the size you are then don't pressure your self to lose the pounds. On the other hand if your weight affects your health, it may be time to shed the pounds. I choose to lose the pounds because I like the size I was before having my baby. I think the most challenging weight loss is after a baby. Sometimes a woman can have one child and never lose the baby pounds. Working out with another mommy with the same issues could help both to lose the pounds. Lose weight for you self and no one else.If your partner doesn't work out find another one. Losing it together can be so fun!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Michelle Obama...1st Lady of Style

Not a big fan of politics but I do love to see Michelle Obama kill events with her wonderful style. They compare her to Jackie O but I believe she has run circles around the lady. Michelle doesn’t shy away from off the shoulder gowns, cargo shorts, fitted dresses, nor skirts above the knee. While others are buttoned up in pastels, Michelle is blazing in hot pinks and vibrant yellows. She is a doll face not afraid to explore style but embraces it with sophistication. 
The First Lady of Style.

Low Budget Skin Care That Works!

You just ran out of your favorite skin care products and have no funds to purchase more. You may think your face is doomed for a blemish disaster but all the skin care products you need might be in your home. Check out my list of low budget skin care products you can use from home to maintain healthy skin.

  • Witch Hazel: A great toner and astringent for the face

  • Olive Oil:  A nice moisturizer for the skin.

  • Crisco: Vegetable fat is great to hydrate the body and can act as body butter. I heard about this from another lady on a show. I would add some kind of scent to it so you won’t smell like your

  • Lemons: Great astringent and perfect for oily skin. Cut them in half and rub on the face.

  • Plain Yogurt: You can use this as a hydrating mask for the face

  • Coffee: Great for exfoliating dead skin off the body. Mix the coffee with a body wash.

  • Sugar: Great for exfoliating dead skin off the face. Works well if you mix a little bit of olive oil with sugar.

  • Green Tea bags: Place the tea bags on blemishes and watch them disappear. Boil the bags a little before you place on the pimples.

  • Toothpaste: A nice spot treatment on pimples

    Great Skin Care products are right in your cabinets and refrigerators... have fun!

    The Ordinary Superheroes...

    Superheroes have two sides, one side is the normal human and the other is the crime fighting super being. The normal side of a superhero is low key and stays undetected by society, which makes me wonder how they can become so super. After talking to a friend I began to think about the nature of personalities and how they work to help or destroy a person. Someone may have the quality of being very loyal. Their loyalty wins the hearts of love ones because they know that person will always be true to them. The other side of loyalty is that person maybe so loyal they won’t leave a bad situation. I know many people that are very motivated and creative but can be arrogant, and will step on anybody to get what they want. A person can be very social and get along with others but be a gossiper that tells your business. Your characteristics can make or break you. The Lord gave us all natural abilities to do certain things in life. Everyone has a personality that holds power that determines some of how their life will go. If you are a very giving person many times you receive it back without asking others to help. The power of characteristics can be used for good or bad. I know for me I am a great observer. Observation can be used to create, understand, manipulate, attack, and much more. I know the power of traits I possess and it’s up to me to decide if I will do good or bad with them. We are the everyday superheroes....but it’s up to us if we play the villains.

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    Getting Thrifty! Learn How 2 Shop a Thrift Store

       In previous posts I told you I would show you how to be Fiercely Fabulous, and now I will show you how to shop in a thrift store. Thrift stores are great to find vintage pieces,   cheaper prices on designer clothing, or to create couture looks. My rules apply to all, it doesn't matter if your looking for a prom dress, a costume, a party dress, pregnancy clothes or what ever suits your fancy. Follow these rules and you will never fail to find fabulous items at the thrift store.

    • Make sure to know the measurements of your body.
    • Look for clothes in great condition...zippers should be able to zip up and down with ease, no holes, lining inside the clothes still in place, a light scent on the clothes(not a moth ball smell), and no discoloration.
    • When looking for dresses or skirts if you cant find your exact size, try purchasing a dress or skirt a few sizes up and then have it tailored to fit your body.
    • If you absolutely love an item with a hole in it, no buttons, or the zipper is prepared to take it to the dry cleaners or fix the problem your self. Never shy away from clothes because it has slight problems.
    •  When looking for vintage know eras of clothing. 

    Key things to look at are ...

    the hem lines(the hem lines are longer and simple), vintage usually has lining in the clothing, metal zippers in the back or on the side(clothes now use plastic zippers majority of the time), Labels usually are very simple with elegant writing(most labels didn't have washing instructions or sizes until the 70's) and if the tag has made in China on it thats a dead give away for not vintage.
    • Its always great to mix vintage with modern clothing to give it an updated look.
    • Find thrift stores in wealthy areas. Remember a person will give away clothes to a store close by them.
    • Same rules apply to jewelry, purses, and shoes...always look for the imperfections of the piece and then decide if its worth buying.
    • Finding items with originals tags on them are always keepers!

    OK your ready to get Thrifty Fab. Happy shopping!!!!!

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    The Most Affordable Cosmetic Line

      If you haven't heard of e.l.f cosmetics you must love to buy expensive make-up. I hope your finally sick of breaking the bank at the cosmetic counters. No one wants to spend $15 on a lipstick. You want your cosmetics nice and cheap. Try e.l.f. cosmetics for a change.Your make up collection will grow and keep a few dollars in your wallet.

    Mineral Infused Mascara $3

    Hypershine Gloss $1

    Mineral Face Primer $6
    Waterproof Eyeliner Pen $1

    Tinted Moisturizer $3

    Endless Eye Pro Mini $5

    Eyebrow Kit $3
    Blush $3
    Lip Liner $1
    Duo Eyeshadow Cream $1

    Look FIERCELY FAB On A Budget!

    Its a recession but more like a depression in America. Well... to look like the times you are in wont help you. Try to be fierce in a time of adversity. Fiercely fabulous on a budget is very much possible. Look at women back in the day with their red lipstick and pearls. All they needed was some color on the face and some jewelry and they were ready to face the No one wants to buy expensive make up, clothes, and skin care products when there are bills to be paid. So lets face it, we are in a budget conscious world right now. Your on a budget but you don't want to look like it. In the next articles to come I will show you how to...

    • Shop thrift stores
    • The best cosmetic line on a budget
    • How to find skin care products in a drugstore 
    • The great finds at Target & Walmart
    • The best DIY sites for hair, makeup, and skin care
    When you step out the door you want to look Fiercely Fabulous and I can show you how!

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    That's So Wedge-tastic!

    Wear them now with skinny jeans...
    Wear them later with skirts and dresses...
    Have fun all year round...
    That's So Wedge-tastic!

    A Mommy Break

    Every mother deserves a break from it all. Last month I got to have a break from the entire family. I must say at first the silence was scary. I enjoyed my evening with great relaxation, a night out , and returning home to peace and quiet. As mothers majority of the time we  forget to self love ourselves. We spend most our lives making sure the family is good. At the end of the day there is no time for mommy. A break is always needed and will help you come back to your family a much happier person. Your break can be a couple of hours, a day, a evening, or a week. A mother should always try to take a break and pamper her self. Why not?...You deserve it!

    So I made a fun list of things mommies can do on their break.

    • Have a self pampering day for yourself at home. My sister got me a bag of pampering goodies to use just for me. I did the things I rarely get to do like paint my
    • Stay at a hotel for the night by your self. Order room service or go out with your friends for the night.
    • Get a facial or massage...Its great to relax and get pampered by someone else.
    • Go play a sport or game with a friend or something more laid back like a game of pool. I love to play pool.
    • Go of the best ways to relieve stress.Yoga classes are great!
    • Take time to meditate and pray... The best way to feel better and restored.
    • Take an adventurous mini vacation by your self or with your girls. 
    Whatever you do have fun and enjoy your break!

    -Peace Mamas

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    The Winter Skin Cure

    The cold weather is here to stay for a while and thermostats are being turned up. During the winter dry skin and chapped lips are common to many young and old. You may wonder why in the winter our skin is usually dry, tight, and flaky. There are 2 main causes for dry skin. The dry heat in your house and the cold weather outside are the major causes of dry skin. Also bar soaps, layered clothing, and not changing your skin care products seasonally cause dry skin. Bar soaps tend to dry out the skin and strip your skin of the natural moisture it produces. Layered clothes can cause friction on the skin and produce the skin to flake more. You can keep wearing layers but you must first make sure your skin is well hydrated. Its a must to change your skin care products seasonally. The products that worked for you in the spring and summer won't always do the best job in the fall and winter. The cure for winter skin can be achieved by these simple steps:

    • Place humidifiers in rooms where you sleep. Plants are also a great way to keep the air moist in the house. You can also place bowls of water on the vents to create moisture.
    • Use body washes that have cream and moisture in them. Dove and Caress have great body washes that help moisturize the skin
    • Try thicker lotions with AHAs(alpha hydroxy acid) in them.
    • Exfoliate the body with sugar or dead sea salt scrubs.
    • Make sure to use products for the face and body that contain a SPF of 15.
    Perfect winter skin is only a few steps away!

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    Neckin Around...

    A whole neck of fun!
    Scarves and Cowls are the best way to stay warm and change up your wardrobe.

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Cute in the face & small at the waist

    I recently was asked by my friend "What are some ways I can give myself a waist when shopping for clothes?" Many women have had this problem. Women that have this problem usually have an body shaped like an oval or upside down triangle. The key way to make a waist is to bring the eye inward towards the body. So the next time you go shopping check out my tips below. My tips also work for women with midsection problems.

    • Try belts under the bust or at the waist
    • If you wear a belt at the waist or bust... try black or a color darker than the dress or shirt.
    • Wear jeans that come high up on the waist. Make sure their not "mom jeans" Wearing low waisted jeans leaves room for you to have a muffin top.
    • A body shaper or Spanx ( are great to bring in the waist and create smooth lines under your clothes.

      So fear no more a small waist is achievable even if you think you can't have one!

    Winter Lace!

    Who said you cant wear lace in the winter...
    Find out how to wear it!