Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look FIERCELY FAB On A Budget!

Its a recession but more like a depression in America. Well... to look like the times you are in wont help you. Try to be fierce in a time of adversity. Fiercely fabulous on a budget is very much possible. Look at women back in the day with their red lipstick and pearls. All they needed was some color on the face and some jewelry and they were ready to face the No one wants to buy expensive make up, clothes, and skin care products when there are bills to be paid. So lets face it, we are in a budget conscious world right now. Your on a budget but you don't want to look like it. In the next articles to come I will show you how to...

  • Shop thrift stores
  • The best cosmetic line on a budget
  • How to find skin care products in a drugstore 
  • The great finds at Target & Walmart
  • The best DIY sites for hair, makeup, and skin care
When you step out the door you want to look Fiercely Fabulous and I can show you how!

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