Monday, February 7, 2011

Michelle Obama...1st Lady of Style

Not a big fan of politics but I do love to see Michelle Obama kill events with her wonderful style. They compare her to Jackie O but I believe she has run circles around the lady. Michelle doesn’t shy away from off the shoulder gowns, cargo shorts, fitted dresses, nor skirts above the knee. While others are buttoned up in pastels, Michelle is blazing in hot pinks and vibrant yellows. She is a doll face not afraid to explore style but embraces it with sophistication. 
The First Lady of Style.

Low Budget Skin Care That Works!

You just ran out of your favorite skin care products and have no funds to purchase more. You may think your face is doomed for a blemish disaster but all the skin care products you need might be in your home. Check out my list of low budget skin care products you can use from home to maintain healthy skin.

  • Witch Hazel: A great toner and astringent for the face

  • Olive Oil:  A nice moisturizer for the skin.

  • Crisco: Vegetable fat is great to hydrate the body and can act as body butter. I heard about this from another lady on a show. I would add some kind of scent to it so you won’t smell like your

  • Lemons: Great astringent and perfect for oily skin. Cut them in half and rub on the face.

  • Plain Yogurt: You can use this as a hydrating mask for the face

  • Coffee: Great for exfoliating dead skin off the body. Mix the coffee with a body wash.

  • Sugar: Great for exfoliating dead skin off the face. Works well if you mix a little bit of olive oil with sugar.

  • Green Tea bags: Place the tea bags on blemishes and watch them disappear. Boil the bags a little before you place on the pimples.

  • Toothpaste: A nice spot treatment on pimples

    Great Skin Care products are right in your cabinets and refrigerators... have fun!

    The Ordinary Superheroes...

    Superheroes have two sides, one side is the normal human and the other is the crime fighting super being. The normal side of a superhero is low key and stays undetected by society, which makes me wonder how they can become so super. After talking to a friend I began to think about the nature of personalities and how they work to help or destroy a person. Someone may have the quality of being very loyal. Their loyalty wins the hearts of love ones because they know that person will always be true to them. The other side of loyalty is that person maybe so loyal they won’t leave a bad situation. I know many people that are very motivated and creative but can be arrogant, and will step on anybody to get what they want. A person can be very social and get along with others but be a gossiper that tells your business. Your characteristics can make or break you. The Lord gave us all natural abilities to do certain things in life. Everyone has a personality that holds power that determines some of how their life will go. If you are a very giving person many times you receive it back without asking others to help. The power of characteristics can be used for good or bad. I know for me I am a great observer. Observation can be used to create, understand, manipulate, attack, and much more. I know the power of traits I possess and it’s up to me to decide if I will do good or bad with them. We are the everyday superheroes....but it’s up to us if we play the villains.