Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The New Black Dress: Confidence

Every fashion designer tells you the "Little Black Dress" is the must have in your wardrobe. The black dress is the essential must have for every woman. You may be wondering what is she talking about? Well, I have a little story for you. You know Mama has her stories. The boys, my mother, and I were at Subway. I was waiting in line ordering food when this lady came in with her daughter. I took a quick glimpse at her and saw her face was burned. The lady's face was terribly burned and looked like she had some skin grafting done to make her look normal. I have to be honest, it scared me at first so I acted like I didn't see her face. Funny thing is she walked up right next to me ordering her food as if nothing was wrong with her face. She had a confidence so great you would had thought she was a super model. Her head wasn't hanged down low and she spoke to everyone. She came up to the boys and I laughing and talking to us with her daughter. I looked at her daughter that was very pretty and looked at her and through the destroyed skin I saw her daughters face. She wasn't ashamed of her looks, although I'm sure it took some time to get to that point. I was amazed by this woman. The boys never said or asked anything about her face they just smiled. I feel like the boys never commented on her face because she acted as if nothing was wrong. I have saw and know some beautiful women,but I don't think any of them had confidence like this lady. Confidence is the "New Little Black Dress". Every woman should have it and wear it everyday. Just think if a lady with a burned face can walk around like a super model, you can too. Learn to love the skin your in. I have said this before in another blog. I had a true eye opener yesterday.
Go get the new black dress today!!!
-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beauty in The Elements

I had to write this blog before I went to bed. It's been very hectic these pass few days. My sister had her baby boy two days ago. Congratulations Greenways to the new life in your family. Today I took a minute to breathe and I thank my niece for bringing up a memory I had almost forgot.

My grandmother to me was very strict but she had a care free side to her. Sometimes when it rained she would let my sisters and I run in the rain. Then she would give us towels to dry off and we would watch T.V. I never felt so free and happy. My niece said today while it was raining that she wanted to go out in the rain. I thought why not, my grandmother let me. Jasiyah, Skye and I went running in the rain. The rain was beating down hard and the boys laughed and jumped in the rain. It took me back to my childhood with my grandmother. A care free moment that would last in my mind forever. Our clothes were soaked and we couldn't see out of our eyes at times. Most times black women run from the rain but today I enjoyed it. India my niece held back from getting wet which surprised me because she suggested going outside. Often we hold back from people, feelings, or wonderful moments because we are scared to find out what will happen. Next time it rains take the umbrella down and walk in the rain. Don't run to the car Mamas. Walk in the rain, now that's a simple tip /trick for the week. The rain is just the right temperature, soothing, and relaxing. If your scared to get your hair wet put a shower cap on, lol. You can find beauty treatments in the elements just stop and enjoy what's already there for you.

-Peace Mamas

Monday, July 7, 2008

Flaws & All : We R Still Beautiful

I recently got these images in a email message my mother sent me. I had mixed feeling about how these famous women look. I do believe that a lot of famous women give off false images of their selves but I still felt like these women weren't ugly. I thought make-up was only to enhance the beautiful features you have and I feel like these women are beautiful. I love to wear make-up but I can go out the house without it on. Some women must have it on every time they go out. Then there are some women that don't wear it at all. I don't judge a woman because she doesn't like make-up but I do. Famous women have to play the part they signed up for and that's to look glamorous and beautiful. I think they should still get the chance to look like an average woman. The average woman of color is beautiful in her own special way. Seeing famous black women looking average shouldn't make you feel better because you should know you are beautiful. There will always be someone that looks better than you, dresses better, has longer hair, and has whiter teeth. Does it really matter? Accept the image you see in the mirror flaws and all. Mamas let's have our own standards of beauty and stop putting down another sister because of our own insecurities within.

-Peace & Love Mamas

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mama's FAV Product of the Week

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Lotion is the product of the week. I bought this lotion last week and I love it. The smell is nice and the lotion works!!!. It feels nice on the skin and gets rid of those ashy elbows , knees, and ankles. I recommend this product for people looking for hydration without the greasy chicken feel on your skin.
Try it Mamas you will love it. Plus the bottle is pretty.
-Enjoy Mamas

Tip/Trick: Cold Face& Body 4 Hot Dayz

Driving or walking around in the heat may have you wanting to run home to cool air. I have a fun cool down trick for your face and body. Yes, it involves the refrigerator. Put your lotion and moisturizer for your face in the fridge. Take a cool shower and put the lotion on your body and moisturizer on your face. You will feel cool as a cucumber. This trick is good for people without air condition or just trying to conserve energy on the electric bill.
Stay cool!!!
-Peace Mamas

The Beauty of Life

At times we might want the life of someone famous. If we could have glamorous life style and never be bored. Everyday almost seems like the same day just us wearing different clothes, hairstyles, makeup, etc. It reminds me of the clip above "Ground Hog Day" . He keeps repeating the same day over and over again. Do we appreciate that we can wake up every day and live? How do we get out of the repetitive lifestyle and find the beauty within our lives? I cant say there is a simple answer. Today I slowed down my regular routine and watched my children. They were laughing, Prophecy was wearing his bowel as a hat while eating grapes, Jasiyah and Skye were running around, and Pharez was scooting around in his walker smiling. You may think its chaos but I call it life. The beauty in life can be so beautiful that if you go too fast you just might miss it. If you have a routine life its okay just don't let the routine overcome the joy in life. Beauty comes in many forms and ways. My beauty of life is the truth(Christ), family,simple moments, and so much more. I dedicate this blog to Bridgett Wilson, my cousin that died recently. She truly will be missed.

Slow down Mamas...


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tip/Trick Preserving Lipstick

Quick Tip/ Trick: Try refrigerating your lipsticks. I read lipsticks will last longer if refrigerated.
My sister told me also refrigerating your perfume helps the fragrance to last longer.
Try these tricks and let me know how it works out for you.
-Peace Mamas

Mama's New Artist of the week!!!

Jazmine Sullivan is the new artist of the week. She has been out for 9 years or more. Now she finally is getting a chance to shine. Jazmine's voice is soulful and soothing. I don't know when her album is coming out but keep looking for it. The latest song "Need U Bad" will definitely be a chart topper. I heard her in the car and thought it was Lauryn Hill making a come back,lol. I think many will enjoy her. Check her out!!!

R your Make-up brushes causing u breakouts?

I hope Mamas you have cleaned out your make-up bags. Now is the time to clean your make-up brushes. Cleaning your brushes is a must to prevent breakouts. Germs can be in your brushes that can get into your skin. You might be thinking you have to run out and get some brush cleaner. Stop!!! I have a trick that will have your make-up brushes squeaky clean.

  1. You need a big bowl, warm water, hair shampoo, paper towels, and a towel.
  2. Mix the shampoo and warm water together
  3. Place all your brushes in the water for 5 minutes
  4. Take each brush by the handle and swish around in the water.
  5. Take each brush out one by one and wipe across the paper towel until all makeup residue is out of the brush.
  6. Lay each brush flat on the towel and let air dry for 24hrs
  7. Now you have nice clean brushes for the face.

Never let your brushes dry standing up because water will seep into handle and make it break.

Clean your brushes every month.

Do dry cleaning with brush cleaner in between shampoo cleaning of the brushes.

-Keep it Clean Mamas