Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The New Black Dress: Confidence

Every fashion designer tells you the "Little Black Dress" is the must have in your wardrobe. The black dress is the essential must have for every woman. You may be wondering what is she talking about? Well, I have a little story for you. You know Mama has her stories. The boys, my mother, and I were at Subway. I was waiting in line ordering food when this lady came in with her daughter. I took a quick glimpse at her and saw her face was burned. The lady's face was terribly burned and looked like she had some skin grafting done to make her look normal. I have to be honest, it scared me at first so I acted like I didn't see her face. Funny thing is she walked up right next to me ordering her food as if nothing was wrong with her face. She had a confidence so great you would had thought she was a super model. Her head wasn't hanged down low and she spoke to everyone. She came up to the boys and I laughing and talking to us with her daughter. I looked at her daughter that was very pretty and looked at her and through the destroyed skin I saw her daughters face. She wasn't ashamed of her looks, although I'm sure it took some time to get to that point. I was amazed by this woman. The boys never said or asked anything about her face they just smiled. I feel like the boys never commented on her face because she acted as if nothing was wrong. I have saw and know some beautiful women,but I don't think any of them had confidence like this lady. Confidence is the "New Little Black Dress". Every woman should have it and wear it everyday. Just think if a lady with a burned face can walk around like a super model, you can too. Learn to love the skin your in. I have said this before in another blog. I had a true eye opener yesterday.
Go get the new black dress today!!!
-Peace Mamas

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