Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mommy's Temper Tantrum

Often times I find my self asking others,how do you deal with the stress of being a mother? I get different answers that will sometimes help me but really hasn't stopped me from having a tantrum or two. Yes, Mamas have temper tantrums too. If you say you don't then you might not know how to identify it. A child's tantrum comes from not getting their way most often. A mother's tantrum comes from bottled up frustration, stress, or reoccurring problems. So how do you calm down a mommy tantrum? Here are a few of my tips that may or may not work. Sometimes you have to scream or stomp for a couple minutes.

  • Remove yourself from everyone and breathe
  • Take some time out to read the bible. (I usually read scriptures about anger)
  • Keep a journal and write out how you feel and things you go through as a way to vent out any emotions you might have.
  • Take time to pray about your situation or problem.
  • Get a punching bag and beat the crap out of it. LOL
  • Go running for awhile, it sometimes clears the mind.

If all else fails do your "Rumpelstiltskin Dance" until you get it out, lol. I'm just playing think about what is really making you mad and go from there. Try to fight to get over the anger and find the source of it.

-Peace Mamas

Friend or Foe

When we grow up we learn about friendship and enemies. The process of choosing between the two can be hard for some and very easy for others. At times we tend to call anyone a friend because they are nice to us or talk to us frequently. What is friendship based off of? Is it the girls you grew up with for years? Is it the co worker at your job? Is it your sister? Is it the woman you met a few days ago? Is it the person that sent you a friendship email? It is said you must try a friend to find out if they are worthy or not to be called one. As women I find a lot of black women will say I don't deal with women because they are too catty. So some women will find so called friendship among men. Other women only have a few they are close too. While others run in cliches of women. Experiences happen to make you choose any of the choices above. I wonder at times could friends you believe you tested be enemies? I have seen many times before lies, secrets, and most of all jealousy circle around friends destroying relationships. Friends can be the medicine of life but be careful who is feeding you poison. Conflict will occur in relationships but honesty, trust, and loyalty must be the foundation in order to resolve any problem. In closing of this blog , I examine my self to say have I been a good friend? Think about it, I know I will.

-Peace Mamas