Monday, January 3, 2011

Cute in the face & small at the waist

I recently was asked by my friend "What are some ways I can give myself a waist when shopping for clothes?" Many women have had this problem. Women that have this problem usually have an body shaped like an oval or upside down triangle. The key way to make a waist is to bring the eye inward towards the body. So the next time you go shopping check out my tips below. My tips also work for women with midsection problems.

  • Try belts under the bust or at the waist
  • If you wear a belt at the waist or bust... try black or a color darker than the dress or shirt.
  • Wear jeans that come high up on the waist. Make sure their not "mom jeans" Wearing low waisted jeans leaves room for you to have a muffin top.
  • A body shaper or Spanx ( are great to bring in the waist and create smooth lines under your clothes.

  So fear no more a small waist is achievable even if you think you can't have one!

Winter Lace!

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