Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hope 2 Be Your Favorite

Hey Mamas, I hope you are loving the blogs. If you are please subscribe to my blog at the bottom of my page. Thank you for the support and forwarding of my blog site.
-Thanks Mamas, peace

Coming Soon Teen Skin Care Classes

Coming soon in October, I will be teaching a Teen Skin Care class
@ Na' Klectic Hair Gallery& Day Spa. So be ready 2 mark your calendars for a time and date. I just wanted to give all my Mamas a heads up on the class. The class will be geared towards young ladies of 10yrs old to 18yrs old. The classes are to inform young black women about their skin. I want them to go home and be able to identify blemishes, choose products 4 their skin type, and feel confident about the skin their in. The classes are fun and hands on. An Q&A discussion will follow after class. Please know that some of the cost of the class will go towards a mini teen facial. The young ladies will receive their facial by appointment with me. Mothers, aunts, grandmothers etc. are able to sit in on class 4 free.
If you have a daughter, grand-daughter, sister, niece, or friend that you think will benefit from this class please email me at blessedwitbeauty@yahoo.com. Just make the subject TEEN SKIN CARE CLASSES. I will send you a update of the time, date, cost of classes, and how 2 RSVP for this event. Please pass on information to others that may be interested.
Thank you, Hope to see many young ladies come out to my class.
-Peace Mamas and lil mamas

A True Blaque Beauty Mama Indeed...

I was thinking about her while I was washing the dishes. My sister means so much to me. Courtney Hayes is not just a MAMA but has so many hidden talents. This girl can capture life moments with just a camera phone. Her great talent in photography is God given and a beauty to see. She is a great mother to 4 beautiful children and wife to a righteous husband. I love her for so many things, but the one that stands out the most is she has always been there in my darkest moments. Always giving me advice and caring how I feel. Funny we didn't start off being so close when we were younger. Now I cant go a day without calling her. Our children are more like siblings than cousins and our family is tightly bonded together. Courtney is naturally beautiful and doesn't even know it. She is my big sister and best friend. I couldn't ask for more in a friendship and life long bond. I don't have to say I love her because she already knows. Courtney Hayes a true Blaque Beauty Mama Indeed, need I say any more.
Do you have a great friendship with your sister or sisters?
Sometimes we need to tell our sisters these things before its to late or because they just need 2 here you say it.
Think about it...
-Peace Mamas

Blaque Mamas in the Olympics: What a beauty 2 see

Where would the Olympics be without us?My sister and I were on the phone both screaming at the television. We weren't just screaming for USA but black women in general. I don't care if they are from Jamaica, Cuba, Canada, Virgin Islands, etc. these women are sisters. They have such style that even before they start running you know they mean business. I like to see the different skin tones and the beauty of their running. I'm happy to see Mamas doing their thing. If you have a daughters or sons show them these things and talk to them about the beauty of our people. We have a God given style of our own that is a beauty 2 see.
-Peace Mamas