Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Coming Soon Teen Skin Care Classes

Coming soon in October, I will be teaching a Teen Skin Care class
@ Na' Klectic Hair Gallery& Day Spa. So be ready 2 mark your calendars for a time and date. I just wanted to give all my Mamas a heads up on the class. The class will be geared towards young ladies of 10yrs old to 18yrs old. The classes are to inform young black women about their skin. I want them to go home and be able to identify blemishes, choose products 4 their skin type, and feel confident about the skin their in. The classes are fun and hands on. An Q&A discussion will follow after class. Please know that some of the cost of the class will go towards a mini teen facial. The young ladies will receive their facial by appointment with me. Mothers, aunts, grandmothers etc. are able to sit in on class 4 free.
If you have a daughter, grand-daughter, sister, niece, or friend that you think will benefit from this class please email me at blessedwitbeauty@yahoo.com. Just make the subject TEEN SKIN CARE CLASSES. I will send you a update of the time, date, cost of classes, and how 2 RSVP for this event. Please pass on information to others that may be interested.
Thank you, Hope to see many young ladies come out to my class.
-Peace Mamas and lil mamas

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