Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wedgie Free!

Hey Mamas!
We are usually very quiet about wedgies. No one wants to tell someone their panties are riding up their butt. A wedgie can bother you so much you just might not rush to the bathroom or some where of privacy to get it out. Try sitting with a wedgie because you are too cute to get up and get it out...the feeling can be torture. The fact is it happens to the best of us. I have never heard a woman not to have one. When I saw the commercial for Hanes Wedgie Free Underwear I didn't believe it. I thought to my self yeah right how could that be possible. Last month I bought me some wedgie free underwear and I must say they are my favorite underwear to wear. Hanes stays true to their promise in their ads. I have comfort, style, and everything I want my underwear to be without the wedgies. I'm telling you mamas buy some you will love them.
-Peace & Many Blessings

Against the Odds: We are good parents

My family went to my son's kindergarten science fair last week. When we entered the cafeteria I saw so many black families. I saw both parents standing together watching their child win awards and the children telling the audience the college they wanted to attend in the future. The science fair projects looked like the parents put a lot of time and effort into their children's projects. In today's society black parents are stereotyped as being uninvolved in their child's education. It is said black families usually consists of single parent households or the grandmother is raising the kids. People will say we don't care about our children in the inner city. They will say no one attends the PTA meetings or school programs. At my son's school I saw black parents that cared about their child's education. I saw young mothers and fathers clapping and cheering for their children. Don't believe all the statics society sets for us. Against the odds of our surroundings we will still strive to be good parents.