Friday, January 14, 2011

The Winter Skin Cure

The cold weather is here to stay for a while and thermostats are being turned up. During the winter dry skin and chapped lips are common to many young and old. You may wonder why in the winter our skin is usually dry, tight, and flaky. There are 2 main causes for dry skin. The dry heat in your house and the cold weather outside are the major causes of dry skin. Also bar soaps, layered clothing, and not changing your skin care products seasonally cause dry skin. Bar soaps tend to dry out the skin and strip your skin of the natural moisture it produces. Layered clothes can cause friction on the skin and produce the skin to flake more. You can keep wearing layers but you must first make sure your skin is well hydrated. Its a must to change your skin care products seasonally. The products that worked for you in the spring and summer won't always do the best job in the fall and winter. The cure for winter skin can be achieved by these simple steps:

  • Place humidifiers in rooms where you sleep. Plants are also a great way to keep the air moist in the house. You can also place bowls of water on the vents to create moisture.
  • Use body washes that have cream and moisture in them. Dove and Caress have great body washes that help moisturize the skin
  • Try thicker lotions with AHAs(alpha hydroxy acid) in them.
  • Exfoliate the body with sugar or dead sea salt scrubs.
  • Make sure to use products for the face and body that contain a SPF of 15.
Perfect winter skin is only a few steps away!