Friday, April 30, 2010

Never be a Fashion No, No !

Hey Mamas,

So I guess you just might be a fashionista but there are a few no nos holding you back. I was watching Rachel Ray today and she had a list of forbidden items that you should no longer have. I wanted to share this list with you and add a few of my own. Don't have the fashion police out on the hunt for you...Check out the list and these stylish alternatives.

  1. White stockings & Nude Stockings!!!

I have seen grown women with white stockings on with ballerina flats. In my mind I'm wondering is she trying to match her baby daughter. Nude stocking with open toed shoes is a no no. Throw away the stockings!

Stylish alternative: Wear the beautiful skin God gave you. Go bare and show those legs!

2. Scrunches (the fat ones you wear in your hair)

Those scrunches got to go. That 80's...90's phenomenon went out with that decade.

Stylish alternative: Cute neutral headbands or some metallic ones. Pull your hair back in style.

3. White pumps/white shoes matched up with a dress

Step away from the white shoes. Another 80's 90's trend that must go!

Stylish alternative: Try nude shoes they can go with any color...if you do choose a white shoe try a sandal that shows alot of skin!

4. Silver eyeliner just above the lid

Must I explain this...stop! This look is just not healthy. I remember some of my friends doing this in the 90's. Its over throw the silver away.

Stylish alternative: Try different colors on the rim of the eye. Vibrant blues, purples & gold will have your eyes looking fabulous.

5. Big sloppy t-shirts

No woman should be caught dead in one of these big or small. Leave the sloppy T's in the house!

Stylish Alternative: Fun flowy tops, fitted t-shirts, and the long dress like t-shirts that give you style. Have fun pairing them up with slim jeans and boy cut jeans.

Well Mamas the list could go on and on but I'll leave it to you to get it together. Out with the old and in with the new.

-Peace & Many Blessings

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mommy Rehab

Hey Mamas,

After getting some unexpected news in my life I decided to take a break on the blogs. Well I'm back now feeling hopeful and with more tips and tricks. I have been having a lot of thoughts on motherhood. As a mother in the twenty something age range I think of mothers like me. I'm almost close to being thirty something and with that physical change will happen and if focused spiritually growth will develop. I haven't really been feeling like my self and for a moment almost not really caring about keeping it cute for nobody. The funny thing I'm surprised about is that nobody has told me I look like crap walking around the house. I didn't notice how bad I looked until I was brushing my teeth in the mirror last night. Have you seen that Suave hair commercial above the blog. It is said that about 89% of mothers admit they have let themselves! Well add one more to the percentage. If you watch the commercial the mother goes through life and as she has more children she lets herself go. At the end of the commercial she is fabulous and pregnant. I love this keeps me hopeful to a fabulous ending. Right now I feel like blah but the grocery store awaits me in a few hours so I think I'll do a little mommy rehab. Amazing how you can be an image consultant but get bummed out yourself. Well anywho today I will be fabulous regardless of any of my life issues. A change is a decision you make for you. When you are sick of looking a mess you go get help or go ask for help. The wonderful fact about my situation is I know just what to do to get my self out of my rut. So I'm off to my own "Mommy Rehab" wish me luck.

-Peace Mamas

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pregnant in Heels...Why a Hott Mama will never give them up!

Hey Mamas,
While other pregnant mothers were wearing their ballerina flats I had on my heels. Some may wonder why and how can you do it? I believe for me it was just in my nature to wear them. I wore them when I wasn't pregnant and I wouldn't stop wearing them because I was pregnant. At times I would wear little heels that others thought were extremely to high for a pregnant woman to wear. Women would glare , shake their head, or make a comment. All I could think is today I'm fabulous and a flat shoe just won't do for this outfit. All I can say is continue doing you if you love wearing heels while prego. When you are pregnant everything is changing and you still want to keep a little something sexy about your self. I think people believe pregnancy means big bulky clothes and flat shoes. Give those heels up girl...people will say. I say wear your heels and have fun! Jennifer Lopez wore her heels all the way up to 9 months and she was carrying twins. If you can wear them and they're not hurting you...wear them. The Mamas that are worried about the prego heel wearing Mamas... hush and put on some heels!!!
-Peace Mamas

Fashion Alert: Spring into Stripes!

Hey Mamas,

Designers every year start trends that the masses follow. At times I will like the trend or hate it and never incorporate it in my wardrobe, but this "Stripe Trend" has been around forever. I'm loving adding pattern and texture to clothes. So this Spring and Summer try to add some stripes in your wardrobe. You can find stripes in just about everything. You can wear big bold stripes with thin skinny stripes. Combine stripes with floral prints and bright solids. You can get shoes with stripes on them and add a striped scarf. Bring out your inner zebra and have fun striping it up!

-Peace Mamas

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mama's Budget Tip Trick...

Hey Mamas,
I go through more baby wipes than you can imagine. I had to come up with a quick to make my wipes last longer. I got a spray bottle filled it with warm water and liquid soap. When I open their diaper I spray them down with the soapy water. Then I wipe them off with a wipe or two. After that I use baby powder to keep them dry and fresh. It works and I only use about 2 wipes on a dirty diaper. Try it let me know how it works out for you.
-Peace Mamas

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Being Mommy Comes 1st

Hey Mamas,

Spring is here and with everything being new some new opportunities have came in my life. A month ago I had an offer to go back to my career as an esthetician. I was so excited about the opportunity but there was so many things standing in the way. In my mind I thought I could be Super Woman and make it all happen. I continued to call the guy that owned the place making plans to be in there by next month. The entire process I kept seeing warning signs that this would be conflicting to me being a mommy. After being told rules and regulations at this place of business I had to decide will this work out with my family routine. My youngest is only one and my oldest get out of school very late. I deal with a very hectic schedule and I had to weigh out the pros and cons. Is this job worth it? I talked to my family and came to the conclusion that being mommy comes first. Other opportunities will come my way and they will be best for me and my family. Just because jobs are offered don't always mean you should take them. So as I type this blog I hold my youngest son on my lap and share my thoughts with you. I'm a mommy and that is something I do great for right now.I'm not mad nor sad for making sacrifices to be the best mommy I can be.

-Peace Mamas