Friday, April 16, 2010

Pregnant in Heels...Why a Hott Mama will never give them up!

Hey Mamas,
While other pregnant mothers were wearing their ballerina flats I had on my heels. Some may wonder why and how can you do it? I believe for me it was just in my nature to wear them. I wore them when I wasn't pregnant and I wouldn't stop wearing them because I was pregnant. At times I would wear little heels that others thought were extremely to high for a pregnant woman to wear. Women would glare , shake their head, or make a comment. All I could think is today I'm fabulous and a flat shoe just won't do for this outfit. All I can say is continue doing you if you love wearing heels while prego. When you are pregnant everything is changing and you still want to keep a little something sexy about your self. I think people believe pregnancy means big bulky clothes and flat shoes. Give those heels up girl...people will say. I say wear your heels and have fun! Jennifer Lopez wore her heels all the way up to 9 months and she was carrying twins. If you can wear them and they're not hurting you...wear them. The Mamas that are worried about the prego heel wearing Mamas... hush and put on some heels!!!
-Peace Mamas


  1. Hev!!! Thanks for this. When I was pregnant with my first born, I wore heels and got those remarks. Sad to say I caved from the pressure and started wearing flats. I so agree rock a heel. Shoot, as long as your comfortable why not!? So not that Operation Body Before Babies is in effect, I'm ready to reclaim my stake in fabulous footwear game as well. I agree a woman doesn't have to give up being fashionable as well. Thanks Hev!!!!!

  2. Yes! I refuse to give "me" up just because I am pregnant. I wore 4 to 5 inch heels all over Vegas a few weeks ago ;)