Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mommy Rehab

Hey Mamas,

After getting some unexpected news in my life I decided to take a break on the blogs. Well I'm back now feeling hopeful and with more tips and tricks. I have been having a lot of thoughts on motherhood. As a mother in the twenty something age range I think of mothers like me. I'm almost close to being thirty something and with that physical change will happen and if focused spiritually growth will develop. I haven't really been feeling like my self and for a moment almost not really caring about keeping it cute for nobody. The funny thing I'm surprised about is that nobody has told me I look like crap walking around the house. I didn't notice how bad I looked until I was brushing my teeth in the mirror last night. Have you seen that Suave hair commercial above the blog. It is said that about 89% of mothers admit they have let themselves! Well add one more to the percentage. If you watch the commercial the mother goes through life and as she has more children she lets herself go. At the end of the commercial she is fabulous and pregnant. I love this keeps me hopeful to a fabulous ending. Right now I feel like blah but the grocery store awaits me in a few hours so I think I'll do a little mommy rehab. Amazing how you can be an image consultant but get bummed out yourself. Well anywho today I will be fabulous regardless of any of my life issues. A change is a decision you make for you. When you are sick of looking a mess you go get help or go ask for help. The wonderful fact about my situation is I know just what to do to get my self out of my rut. So I'm off to my own "Mommy Rehab" wish me luck.

-Peace Mamas

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