Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gold, Leather,& Studs...Oh my!

Fall, Fall, Fall,....

Hey Mamas!

It's getting cold out there and you know what that means...pull out the fall clothes. Start sorting through your clothes for the must go and the must have. Autumn trends are looking hot this season. Check out this list of trends you might want to add to your wardrobe!

  • Gold is the color for the fall. Whether it be a shoes or hand bag have fun including this metallic in your wardrobe.
  • Studded purses will be a hit this fall. You will find studs on just about any size or style of purse.
  • Clutches are making a big come back! Look for chocolate suede, studded silver, or sparkling gold clutches to complete your look for girls night out.
  • Suede shoes of any kind or color has always been a perfect accessory for a fall wardrobe.
  • Leather blouses and skirts will be a hot trend to try.
  • Sweater dresses in bright bold or baby soft colors will keep you cozy and cute. Complete this look with a pair of suede knee boots and leggings.

Quick tip Mamas: When sorting through your clothes make three piles *Keepers, *Throw away, and *Give away. Also make a list of Staple clothes you need to update like basic t-shirts, black pants and skirts, a nice neutral colored blazer, etc. If you will be shopping soon for the beautiful Autumn weather make sure to do an inventory of your closet. Find clothes that will match up with other items that already exist in your wardrobe. I can never stress enough get your body measured. Proper fitted undergarments make any look great.

Have fun!