Friday, June 25, 2010

Success:Does this come with a cost?... (For a Woman)

Hey Mamas,

You remember that movie Baby Boom? Well this movie has been recently coming on lately. I used to watch it with my mother and sisters when I was younger. I would watch it but never truly understand it. My sisters and I would ask my mother dumb questions about the movie and my mother would explain to us the situation like we were So recently while watching it I finally understood the movie and could relate it to my life. My sons were watching it with me and were asking the same dumb questions I was asking when I was younger but I realized something... they are boys. Little boys become men and will never truly understand this movie. If you never seen Baby Boom its about this woman that has a career at this firm. She is very powerful and focused on her career. Being a woman she doesn't want anything to stop her from making partner but a great unexpected change awaits her in the future. Her cousin dies and wants her to take over the care of raising his daughter. In a split second her life changes and a little baby girl turns her world upside down. I have to say the major part in the movie that affected me is when her boss said a woman cant be successful like a man. If she decides to get married or have a baby she wont be able to perform her duties on the job like a man can. The sad thing and I believe its true... that she cant. Some women will think I'm crazy but think about it. Usually a woman has to give up something to make life easier in the home. In the movie the lady became successful but she had to sacrifice some things. She ended up moving, working from home, having a crib in her office, and sometimes taking her daughter with her to do business. I don't think it is horrible or wrong that we have to sacrifice and make changes as women to have successful careers but it can be more difficult. At times I feel our fight can be harder but it makes us stronger. A famous author I remember watching on show has six children. When they were younger she said she would be up in the middle of the night writing her books. She went on to say cant count how many times one of her children would get up needing something or watching her type. A successful career for a woman comes with a cost and many sacrifices. I don't think it should get in any woman's way of achieving her goals. Can she have it all? I guess in our own little way we have just what we need.


In a Time of Change

Hey Mamas,

 I remember one of the biggest changes in my life is when I moved from Indiana to Baltimore. As a little girl I didn't know that this major move would change the life that I knew forever. When I came to Baltimore everything was so different. The people looked and talked different from me and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing. I am happy I made that major move as a child because usually children adapt and easily embrace change differently from adults.My parents making that one decision impacted so many things in my life like who my friends would be, my schools, my personality, the men in my life etc.I'm not mad about my parents decision because so many great things happened to me I would had never experienced. Even the bad that occurred in my life in Baltimore was only growth and needed change. A new job, relationship, or child can cause change. Time goes by and change keeps occurring in every ones life. In my life many good and bad changes are occurring at a rapid pace. At times while this change happens I'm not always happy about it. I realized I have to suck it up and deal. Some changes in my life have made me really sad but I cant let it stagnate my growth. I used to be scared of things being different in my life and sometimes I still am. I give my self a little pep talk that change must occur in all areas. I pray I'm always remain consistent in my life changes and embrace the future to come. Whether it be good or bad change must happen or we will never grow. As this world rotates we move with it never knowing all of life's changes. All I can do is pray for the good and ask Christ to help me get through the bad.

-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fading Faces...

Hey Mamas,

Times out here are getting harder and things change at a rapid pace. Today friendship has been on my mind. When we go through things we hope for our friends to be there for us. I see in my own life tribulation only brings us further apart. A Facebook message, pictures, or a text becomes the norm of a friendship. A face fades and I'm starting to forget who my friends truly are in my life. I thank God for my blood sisters in my life that have truly been there for me. I just hope as time goes by my friends fading appear again. When times are hard that's when you stick close together. A battle is not fought alone. I think sometimes we just believe doing it all alone helps others not to feel a burden. If you have a friendship fading save it...if the person is worth not losing.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ruffle & Hide: Camouflage areas you hate!

Hey Mamas,
You might not want to wear a body shaper this summer. I don't blame you its too damn hot! I do know I hate the bulge to show and round tires look unsightly to others. I got this email from Express showing cute ruffled clothes. When I saw the clothes I thought to my self this is a sure way to camouflage some not so appealing bulge. The layering of ruffles give texture and balance and distract the eyes from problem areas. Also if you get ruffles with a cute pattern you can appear to be very slim around the midsection. If you can see in the picture the ruffled dress is pulled in with a skinny belt. Try matching up a skinny belt with a ruffled shirt or dress. The belt can bring in the waist more and give your body more defined lines.Check out the link below to Express and Ruffle it up today!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey Mamas,

I would say this blog entry is a time for me to vent in my own way. We say no to many things that are bad for us. We say no to bad food, no to something too expensive, and no to many other things we know is just not right or us. So my stand for my self is to say no to negative people and things in my life. If the negativity is coming from me I choose to say no. Only you can allow people to be a negative energy in your life.
I choose to do right for my self. Sometimes eliminating people and things that cause you hurt or pain can be a step forward to something good. I take the stand to say no and pray that the Lord see me through the tough times.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wearing white this summer?:Learn how 2 wear it right!

Hey Mamas,

White is on the scene and everyone wants to wear white pants. Boy short, skinny jeans, or many other styles are making their appearance this summer. You may be wondering how can I wear them? Here are some simple ways to stay stylish and not end up looking cheesy and too coordinated. No one wants to end up looking like a big blob of white.

  • When wearing shoes with white pants try neutrals like brown, nude, and cream. You can also wear animal printed and metallic shoes.
  • Try bright bold colored tops like hot pink and sunshine yellow. Bold colors are a nice contrast and will make your t-shirt or blouse stand out more.
  • Gold accessories bring in class to white pants. Hooped gold earrings and chunky gold cuff bangles make a statement.
  • Soft pastel tops matched with beaded necklaces, pearls, or studs can maintain a romantic look for those warm summer nights.
  • If you are matching a white shirt with white pants... try a print on the white shirt. Also try breaking up the white with an accessory. A belt, nice hobo bag, or neutral colored shoes can make the outfit complete.

Fear no more to wear white pants. Try these tips and leave the house in style!

-Peace & Many Blessings

Monday, June 7, 2010

Black on Black:Racism in Customer Service

Hey Mamas,

Last week I was in the grocery store. I get in line and an older white couple are in front of me. The cashier who is black looks up at me annoyed and continues to bag their groceries. She carries on a pleasant conversation with the white couple smiling and laughing with them. After she finishes bagging their groceries she asked them did they need stamps or anything else. When they leave she tells them to have a nice day and smiles. I come up she begins to talk to the other cashier next to her. I say are you?... and she continues to talk to other cashier. I then again say hello she responds o hello. She looks at me and continues to bag my groceries with no smile and no conversation. My youngest smiles at her and then she finally begins to talk to him and smiles. She is finished and no stamps are offered to me. I then say to her you have a nice day she looks up and said you too.

The sad fact is this happens everyday in customer service with black people. This wasn't the first time a black person in customer service treats a white person like gold in front of my face but treats me as unimportant. My sisters and friends can tell me their own experiences of black on black customer service racism. Has this cruel epidemic came from years of brain washing during slavery?As much as we have left the past behind things still remain the same. Do black people believe if they give poor customer service to a white person that could cost them their job? I thought bad customer service to anyone can cost you your job. I think everyone should be treated fairly and given the same treatment in customer service. If you don't like giving fair treatment don't work in the customer service business. I had to pull fair treatment out of that cashier. You would think we would treat our own with the greatest respect. Yes, the year is 2010 and I still get treated like a 2ND class citizen in the grocery ooh the irony.

-Peace& Many Blessings

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did You Know?: A lil about color theory

Hello Mamas,
Everyday we get up we pick out something to wear. You may put on a shirt or dress that's your favorite color. You may just throw on anything that's clean in the closet. In the color theory of clothes the color you wear means something about you. Your favorite color says something about you and your personality.
So here is a little that I learned...
Yellow is happy and fun...but you could be considered cheap. Yellow is the best color to dress your bridesmaids in to have a happy and wonderful wedding.
Orange shows you are out going and have alot of energy. You should wear this color if you plan to be social or go out to public events.
Green is considered to be the healthy choice. People that love to wear green are aware of their health and nature.
It was said to have purple sheets on your bed to have a better sleep because its a relaxing color.
If you love to wear red you are sexy and bold...well duh! Also red is considered to be the color for all you hot heads with the quick tempers.
Whatever color you like have fun wearing it!
-Peace & Many Blessings

Stacey Dash: Making her own way @ 43

Hey Mamas,
Yesterday I was watching a rerun of the Wendy Williams show. Her guest on the show was Stacey Dash. I must say I have always admired the beauty of Stacey that still hasn't lost it at 43yrs old. I found her interview to be very honest about her love life. Also she was very candid about the mistakes she made by sleeping with most of the men she married on the first date. Stacey went on to say she has never been without a man since the age of 17. Her story is way too often a common tale among black women. We search for love in all the wrong places. Majority of the time we feel validated as beautiful when a man tells us all the things we want to hear. The lack of self esteem drives us even deeper in our search all the while we are hurting ourselves. In the aimless search to find the right man or keep a man that treats you like crap you give and give of your self. At times we are too scared to be alone so we keep going from one man to another.We never stop to find the true man we need in our life. Most may wonder who is that perfect man that could help you find the right husband. Well, of course Christ should be the lead man in your life. Start with the best and you wont limit your self to scum because you will recognize righteousness easily. The sad fact is most of our mother's didn't teach us this but told us to find someone that will make us happy. How will you ever know true love or happiness if you don't go back to the source? So at 43yrs old Stacey Dash has to learn how to love her self, keep from dropping the panties to just anyone, and mentioned staying away from white I don't know if Stacey is taking the steps of making Christ her lead man...probably not. Hopefully after she gets off the Jamie Foxx train she just might find her way out of her circle. To each its own. Thank you Lord for wisdom and understanding. You first must be a queen to get a king...
-Peace & Many Blessings

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kiddie Summer Fun Alert!

Hey Mamas,
Summer is here! The kids are almost out of school and I have a list of things I want to do with them. I have been talking about Shaw Orchards for some time now and plan to make a trip up there some time soon. At Shaw Orchards you can pick your own fruit and vegetables. After hearing that so many fruits contain large amounts of pesticides on them a trip to the orchard might be well worth it. Shaw Orchards has hayrides, picnic tables to eat your fruit, and prepacked fruit you can buy. I think the boys will have fun picking and eating fruit. Check out Shaw Orchards ...maybe we will see you there with your little ones.
Peace & Many Blessings...Have fun this summer!

To Steal?...

Hey Mamas,
This morning I was listening to the Russ Parr Morning show. They had asked listeners did Alicia Keys steal Swizz Beats and was she a home wrecker. Many blog writers have bashed Alicia and believe she is a man stealer. The listeners gave mixed reviews on their thoughts. The crew on the show had their mind made up about Alicia being a so called home wrecker. Let's really think about this...why are people so concerned about their personal lives?I personally don't believe a man can be stolen. One I never thought a man becomes your possession. Swizz Beats made his choice for his own reasons but I don't think Alicia had in her mind I'm gonna steal you. I listen to these words and they sound childish. Mashonda said she was the perfect wife to Swizz but he didn't say Mashonda was the perfect wife. We can have illusions in our heads that everything is perfectly okay in our marriage but we all have something we need to work on. Its hard for a woman not to look at her self and wonder what she is doing wrong for the man to leave. We must also remember he left he wasn't stolen. If your child gets up and walks over to another mother and sits with them...was the child stolen or did the child leave? So my blog wont be another Alicia Keys bash session. I think people need to mind their own business. Maybe if others weren't so concerned about what is going on in another house they could pay attention to their own lives. People lets get a life! We can see Alicia Keys doesn't give a damn... she is pregnant, just bought a penthouse, and with a man she loves.
-Peace & Many Blessings