Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey Mamas,

I would say this blog entry is a time for me to vent in my own way. We say no to many things that are bad for us. We say no to bad food, no to something too expensive, and no to many other things we know is just not right or us. So my stand for my self is to say no to negative people and things in my life. If the negativity is coming from me I choose to say no. Only you can allow people to be a negative energy in your life.
I choose to do right for my self. Sometimes eliminating people and things that cause you hurt or pain can be a step forward to something good. I take the stand to say no and pray that the Lord see me through the tough times.

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  1. Thank You for this blog entry. This is very empowering to those who are in similar situations. I am in the process of renewing my relationship with God because it is the right thing to do for me. However, there are some negative things and people in my life that I have to seperate from because these things/people assisted me in my complacency. God has a plan for me and I am strong and wise enough to not only believe in him but to also believe in myself. Stay strong and always do what you know is right because we know within our hearts what is right and wrong for our heart, body, and soul. Thanks for the blog as I needed to know that I am not alone in my quest to close the door on negative people/things as this is the only way God will open a door with people/things that are good to me and for me.