Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did You Know?: A lil about color theory

Hello Mamas,
Everyday we get up we pick out something to wear. You may put on a shirt or dress that's your favorite color. You may just throw on anything that's clean in the closet. In the color theory of clothes the color you wear means something about you. Your favorite color says something about you and your personality.
So here is a little that I learned...
Yellow is happy and fun...but you could be considered cheap. Yellow is the best color to dress your bridesmaids in to have a happy and wonderful wedding.
Orange shows you are out going and have alot of energy. You should wear this color if you plan to be social or go out to public events.
Green is considered to be the healthy choice. People that love to wear green are aware of their health and nature.
It was said to have purple sheets on your bed to have a better sleep because its a relaxing color.
If you love to wear red you are sexy and bold...well duh! Also red is considered to be the color for all you hot heads with the quick tempers.
Whatever color you like have fun wearing it!
-Peace & Many Blessings


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