Monday, June 7, 2010

Black on Black:Racism in Customer Service

Hey Mamas,

Last week I was in the grocery store. I get in line and an older white couple are in front of me. The cashier who is black looks up at me annoyed and continues to bag their groceries. She carries on a pleasant conversation with the white couple smiling and laughing with them. After she finishes bagging their groceries she asked them did they need stamps or anything else. When they leave she tells them to have a nice day and smiles. I come up she begins to talk to the other cashier next to her. I say are you?... and she continues to talk to other cashier. I then again say hello she responds o hello. She looks at me and continues to bag my groceries with no smile and no conversation. My youngest smiles at her and then she finally begins to talk to him and smiles. She is finished and no stamps are offered to me. I then say to her you have a nice day she looks up and said you too.

The sad fact is this happens everyday in customer service with black people. This wasn't the first time a black person in customer service treats a white person like gold in front of my face but treats me as unimportant. My sisters and friends can tell me their own experiences of black on black customer service racism. Has this cruel epidemic came from years of brain washing during slavery?As much as we have left the past behind things still remain the same. Do black people believe if they give poor customer service to a white person that could cost them their job? I thought bad customer service to anyone can cost you your job. I think everyone should be treated fairly and given the same treatment in customer service. If you don't like giving fair treatment don't work in the customer service business. I had to pull fair treatment out of that cashier. You would think we would treat our own with the greatest respect. Yes, the year is 2010 and I still get treated like a 2ND class citizen in the grocery ooh the irony.

-Peace& Many Blessings

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