Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stacey Dash: Making her own way @ 43

Hey Mamas,
Yesterday I was watching a rerun of the Wendy Williams show. Her guest on the show was Stacey Dash. I must say I have always admired the beauty of Stacey that still hasn't lost it at 43yrs old. I found her interview to be very honest about her love life. Also she was very candid about the mistakes she made by sleeping with most of the men she married on the first date. Stacey went on to say she has never been without a man since the age of 17. Her story is way too often a common tale among black women. We search for love in all the wrong places. Majority of the time we feel validated as beautiful when a man tells us all the things we want to hear. The lack of self esteem drives us even deeper in our search all the while we are hurting ourselves. In the aimless search to find the right man or keep a man that treats you like crap you give and give of your self. At times we are too scared to be alone so we keep going from one man to another.We never stop to find the true man we need in our life. Most may wonder who is that perfect man that could help you find the right husband. Well, of course Christ should be the lead man in your life. Start with the best and you wont limit your self to scum because you will recognize righteousness easily. The sad fact is most of our mother's didn't teach us this but told us to find someone that will make us happy. How will you ever know true love or happiness if you don't go back to the source? So at 43yrs old Stacey Dash has to learn how to love her self, keep from dropping the panties to just anyone, and mentioned staying away from white I don't know if Stacey is taking the steps of making Christ her lead man...probably not. Hopefully after she gets off the Jamie Foxx train she just might find her way out of her circle. To each its own. Thank you Lord for wisdom and understanding. You first must be a queen to get a king...
-Peace & Many Blessings

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  1. You're right about that! If you don't think you are a queen, you will definitiely end up with a frog, rat, or snake. You are what you attract.