Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fading Faces...

Hey Mamas,

Times out here are getting harder and things change at a rapid pace. Today friendship has been on my mind. When we go through things we hope for our friends to be there for us. I see in my own life tribulation only brings us further apart. A Facebook message, pictures, or a text becomes the norm of a friendship. A face fades and I'm starting to forget who my friends truly are in my life. I thank God for my blood sisters in my life that have truly been there for me. I just hope as time goes by my friends fading appear again. When times are hard that's when you stick close together. A battle is not fought alone. I think sometimes we just believe doing it all alone helps others not to feel a burden. If you have a friendship fading save it...if the person is worth not losing.


1 comment:

  1. Friends change because life and priorities change. As you will see, friends with similiarites are closer than other friends thath do not share the same similarities. My friends stopped being my friend because they could not see me in pain and see me self-destruct. Most of the time friends plain and simply, just have enough time to focus on their own lives. We often don't have time for ourselves. I lost friends because they felt I made bad decisions and I needed to deal with it on my own because everyone could see what I was doing, but me. The bottom line is, as the years go by, you know who your few friends really are. Most friends can't handle the pressure of being a friend.