Friday, April 30, 2010

Never be a Fashion No, No !

Hey Mamas,

So I guess you just might be a fashionista but there are a few no nos holding you back. I was watching Rachel Ray today and she had a list of forbidden items that you should no longer have. I wanted to share this list with you and add a few of my own. Don't have the fashion police out on the hunt for you...Check out the list and these stylish alternatives.

  1. White stockings & Nude Stockings!!!

I have seen grown women with white stockings on with ballerina flats. In my mind I'm wondering is she trying to match her baby daughter. Nude stocking with open toed shoes is a no no. Throw away the stockings!

Stylish alternative: Wear the beautiful skin God gave you. Go bare and show those legs!

2. Scrunches (the fat ones you wear in your hair)

Those scrunches got to go. That 80's...90's phenomenon went out with that decade.

Stylish alternative: Cute neutral headbands or some metallic ones. Pull your hair back in style.

3. White pumps/white shoes matched up with a dress

Step away from the white shoes. Another 80's 90's trend that must go!

Stylish alternative: Try nude shoes they can go with any color...if you do choose a white shoe try a sandal that shows alot of skin!

4. Silver eyeliner just above the lid

Must I explain this...stop! This look is just not healthy. I remember some of my friends doing this in the 90's. Its over throw the silver away.

Stylish alternative: Try different colors on the rim of the eye. Vibrant blues, purples & gold will have your eyes looking fabulous.

5. Big sloppy t-shirts

No woman should be caught dead in one of these big or small. Leave the sloppy T's in the house!

Stylish Alternative: Fun flowy tops, fitted t-shirts, and the long dress like t-shirts that give you style. Have fun pairing them up with slim jeans and boy cut jeans.

Well Mamas the list could go on and on but I'll leave it to you to get it together. Out with the old and in with the new.

-Peace & Many Blessings

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