Monday, May 3, 2010

Mama needed her Mommy...

Hey Mamas,
On this hot and gloomy morning I was thinking of a few weeks ago. I felt so broken down and so small that all I could do is think of my mother. Looking at her in my father in a wedding picture I thought what was she like then. In my self pity I felt broken down like a child and decided to call my mother for help. I was barely able to talk as I cried I need my mommy, I need my mother. My mother didn't have too much to say but that she was on her way. It doesn't matter how old you get you will always still want your mother. As I watched my mother play with my sons and calmed my nerves I knew she brought comfort. As tough as I try to be and not tell her all the things I'm going through I needed her to be there. In her comfort she told me things I needed to hear even if I didn't want to hear them. I remember my sister and I always gathering around her to watch a movie or just to talk. I hope one day to have a daughter of my own to share that bond. My mother will probably want to kill me for putting up this picture of her and my older sister Keha but I love the picture. I love my mother... and that day she was there for me and she brought me comfort to my heart.
Love your mother everyday...I don't need a day to realize how special my mother is to me.
-Peace & Many Blessings

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  1. This is very personal and I respect you for posting it. There are so many of us if not all that long for their mother and in some cases their mother's are not available for one reason or another. But to know the power of a mother's love is incredible. Everday is mother's day in my world.