Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Beauty of Life

At times we might want the life of someone famous. If we could have glamorous life style and never be bored. Everyday almost seems like the same day just us wearing different clothes, hairstyles, makeup, etc. It reminds me of the clip above "Ground Hog Day" . He keeps repeating the same day over and over again. Do we appreciate that we can wake up every day and live? How do we get out of the repetitive lifestyle and find the beauty within our lives? I cant say there is a simple answer. Today I slowed down my regular routine and watched my children. They were laughing, Prophecy was wearing his bowel as a hat while eating grapes, Jasiyah and Skye were running around, and Pharez was scooting around in his walker smiling. You may think its chaos but I call it life. The beauty in life can be so beautiful that if you go too fast you just might miss it. If you have a routine life its okay just don't let the routine overcome the joy in life. Beauty comes in many forms and ways. My beauty of life is the truth(Christ), family,simple moments, and so much more. I dedicate this blog to Bridgett Wilson, my cousin that died recently. She truly will be missed.

Slow down Mamas...


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