Monday, July 7, 2008

Flaws & All : We R Still Beautiful

I recently got these images in a email message my mother sent me. I had mixed feeling about how these famous women look. I do believe that a lot of famous women give off false images of their selves but I still felt like these women weren't ugly. I thought make-up was only to enhance the beautiful features you have and I feel like these women are beautiful. I love to wear make-up but I can go out the house without it on. Some women must have it on every time they go out. Then there are some women that don't wear it at all. I don't judge a woman because she doesn't like make-up but I do. Famous women have to play the part they signed up for and that's to look glamorous and beautiful. I think they should still get the chance to look like an average woman. The average woman of color is beautiful in her own special way. Seeing famous black women looking average shouldn't make you feel better because you should know you are beautiful. There will always be someone that looks better than you, dresses better, has longer hair, and has whiter teeth. Does it really matter? Accept the image you see in the mirror flaws and all. Mamas let's have our own standards of beauty and stop putting down another sister because of our own insecurities within.

-Peace & Love Mamas

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