Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting Thrifty! Learn How 2 Shop a Thrift Store

   In previous posts I told you I would show you how to be Fiercely Fabulous, and now I will show you how to shop in a thrift store. Thrift stores are great to find vintage pieces,   cheaper prices on designer clothing, or to create couture looks. My rules apply to all, it doesn't matter if your looking for a prom dress, a costume, a party dress, pregnancy clothes or what ever suits your fancy. Follow these rules and you will never fail to find fabulous items at the thrift store.

  • Make sure to know the measurements of your body.
  • Look for clothes in great condition...zippers should be able to zip up and down with ease, no holes, lining inside the clothes still in place, a light scent on the clothes(not a moth ball smell), and no discoloration.
  • When looking for dresses or skirts if you cant find your exact size, try purchasing a dress or skirt a few sizes up and then have it tailored to fit your body.
  • If you absolutely love an item with a hole in it, no buttons, or the zipper is prepared to take it to the dry cleaners or fix the problem your self. Never shy away from clothes because it has slight problems.
  •  When looking for vintage know eras of clothing. 

Key things to look at are ...

the hem lines(the hem lines are longer and simple), vintage usually has lining in the clothing, metal zippers in the back or on the side(clothes now use plastic zippers majority of the time), Labels usually are very simple with elegant writing(most labels didn't have washing instructions or sizes until the 70's) and if the tag has made in China on it thats a dead give away for not vintage.
  • Its always great to mix vintage with modern clothing to give it an updated look.
  • Find thrift stores in wealthy areas. Remember a person will give away clothes to a store close by them.
  • Same rules apply to jewelry, purses, and shoes...always look for the imperfections of the piece and then decide if its worth buying.
  • Finding items with originals tags on them are always keepers!

OK your ready to get Thrifty Fab. Happy shopping!!!!!

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  1. sometimes there's special days where items are 50% off! Goodwill does it the last Saturday or Sunday (you may need to ask for the exact day) of every month and sometimes midweek for midnight madness sales. however they don't have news letters so i guess you have to get to know the sales associates or visit often to find out.