Monday, November 21, 2011

Daddy's Girl...

    A father can put his daughter up on his shoulders and show her the world...

     I was and still am "A Daddy's Girl" and for good reason. At a young age we watch our fathers to see what we want in a man. We watch them take care of the house hold and how they treat our mothers. Bad and good can be shown but we accept it because as a child you only know what you see and hear to be true.

My life has taken a big change. Coming out of a very long and painful relationship can be difficult. Your trust in men can become very hard to do. I view men differently for right now as I heal. You hold up a shield not wanting to get hurt or really to interact with the opposite sex. In all this change, pain, and healing my father gives me hope. I watched my father step in my life and my sons to show me what I should have in a man. A man protects and takes care of his family. He communicates and no matter how late it is he keeps his word. I will not accept anything less than what my father has shown me. I don't think I'm fully restored in men but my father and sons are helping me in that area. My focus is to make my sons into men that have integrity and respect. The world is so lacking good men. So I look into all my son's eyes with hope of the future.

-PEACE (Healing7)

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  1. Very well said it was such a great blog. Your words touches my heart intensely, i admire you for loving your father and sons. You inspire me so much, more power on you!