Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey, Hello, I'm back...

Yes, I took a hiatus. Sorry I was gone for so long. My birthday is coming soon and since my last birthday my life has totally changed. I have lost close friends and family members out of my life. My views on many issues and beliefs have changed. The changes in my life hurt but its helping me to heal. I was talking to my mother and she gave me some things to think about. Its always wise to speak to older women and receive wisdom. I have done a lot of reflecting on my life and understand each day has to be taken with thought and care. Sometimes we allow our minds, hearts, spirits to be trapped in box not allowing ourselves to be free. We have so much to learn and different levels of of life to embark on. Life being contained in a box is scary. In my process of healing I chose to come out of the conforming walls. I choose not to be suppressed by anybody or anything. Happiness is what we all search for and I'm on the quest of finding it. I think I will be happy for my birthday to come with a renewed heart and spirit. So much has changed but for the good. Healing is a process and I'm getting better with each day.

-Peace Mamas

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