Friday, June 17, 2011

The Real Rose Colored Glasses...

Yesterday I saw this commercial about HD Aviators. The commercial shows you how the glasses enhance the colors and make images clearer. Now at first I'm thinking wow. Then I'm thinking why the hell does reality need to be enhanced. You go outside the sky is blue, the sun is yellow, and the grass is green. Why do we need to see colors enhanced that are part of the nature elements of life? So when we take off the glasses after wearing them for 20 minutes to an hour... reality will set in that this world is too dull in color.

     We want our television watching, music, DVDs, and Internet service in HD. Now we must look at real life in HD because life isn't satisfying any more. Technology has invaded our lives in every way we can imagine and we love it. Many of us live our lives with our "Rose Colored Glasses" on. We would rather not deal with the truths of many things and people. Now we have real life  rose colored glasses to go with a mind set of people. Reality is sad and boring... lets enhance it to make it fun and bright. Gods creation is wonderful its the one true thing that needs not to be enhanced. Lets all take off the rosy glasses and breathe a little reality in. Seek truth in everything and face real makes you stronger.

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