Friday, January 21, 2011

A Mommy Break

Every mother deserves a break from it all. Last month I got to have a break from the entire family. I must say at first the silence was scary. I enjoyed my evening with great relaxation, a night out , and returning home to peace and quiet. As mothers majority of the time we  forget to self love ourselves. We spend most our lives making sure the family is good. At the end of the day there is no time for mommy. A break is always needed and will help you come back to your family a much happier person. Your break can be a couple of hours, a day, a evening, or a week. A mother should always try to take a break and pamper her self. Why not?...You deserve it!

So I made a fun list of things mommies can do on their break.

  • Have a self pampering day for yourself at home. My sister got me a bag of pampering goodies to use just for me. I did the things I rarely get to do like paint my
  • Stay at a hotel for the night by your self. Order room service or go out with your friends for the night.
  • Get a facial or massage...Its great to relax and get pampered by someone else.
  • Go play a sport or game with a friend or something more laid back like a game of pool. I love to play pool.
  • Go of the best ways to relieve stress.Yoga classes are great!
  • Take time to meditate and pray... The best way to feel better and restored.
  • Take an adventurous mini vacation by your self or with your girls. 
Whatever you do have fun and enjoy your break!

-Peace Mamas

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