Friday, February 25, 2011

Losing It Together...

So many weight lost shows are now having partners on losing weight together.You see siblings, husbands and wives, friends, and parent/child teams. Lets face it working out alone is no fun. When working out alone you may do it alone in front of the television...can I say boring! Partner weight lost has been found to be the most productive and fun way to lose weight.If you team up with someone you can motivate each other to stay focused on your goals. When choosing a partner make sure they truly want to lose the pounds. You need someone in it for the long haul. Your partner and you should make realistic weight lost goals together and both make sure to be aware of  each others goals. Make a schedule of the time and days you plan to work out together. Keep each other motivated and give out tough love if necessary. It doesn't matter if you choose to workout at home,outside, or at a gym....have fun and enjoy each other. Weight lost should be on your terms and not because someone wants you to lose the weight. If  your fine with the size you are then don't pressure your self to lose the pounds. On the other hand if your weight affects your health, it may be time to shed the pounds. I choose to lose the pounds because I like the size I was before having my baby. I think the most challenging weight loss is after a baby. Sometimes a woman can have one child and never lose the baby pounds. Working out with another mommy with the same issues could help both to lose the pounds. Lose weight for you self and no one else.If your partner doesn't work out find another one. Losing it together can be so fun!

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