Thursday, July 1, 2010

The No, No Zone: Talk 2 Your Kids About Molestation

Hey Mamas,

Sorry to say it but we are living in a sick world. In Maryland numerous reports of child molestation are being reported. The sad fact is many of these children are only in the age range of 1-4yrs old. One major thing a mother and father should know is most child molestation occurs from a relative. Many children don't tell their parents because they believe it will hurt the family. I know for myself I talk to my children about good touch and bad touch. I also tell them the right names for their private parts so if something happens they can tell me exactly the area that has been touched. I know it may be horrible to think your child might become a victim of child molestation but it's good that you prepare them early about the society they live in. I remember when I was younger some of my classmates still believed babies were delivered by storks and didn't know the proper name for their private parts. A misinformed child leaves room for child predators to easily harm and take advantage of their ignorance. I let my boys know I don't care if its a relative, teacher, or stranger you tell me if someone touches you the wrong way. Kids are never to young to learn about good touch and  bad touch. If you haven't had that talk with your children maybe you should start today. Molestation is something that can affect a child when they become an adult. We have to make sure we are raising and protecting our children to be happy and successful adults. Talk to your kids today.


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