Thursday, July 1, 2010

Never Underestimate Your Kids

Hello Mamas,

After talking to my twin about getting control over the house work in the home I finally made a chore chart. I usually do all the chores in the house alone believing the boys are too young to help. So when I sat down to make the chore chart I had to think about what could the the boys truly do without driving me crazy. I'm shocked that I came up with about 15 things within the house my little ones can do with no problems. Yesterday we started the chore chart and to my surprised everyone was very excited. My son that's two helped me with breakfast and did a great job. My oldest vacuumed and so much more to my surprise he was able to accomplish on his own. At night before I turned off the lights I looked at the downstairs in disbelief.  I must say I underestimated my sons' ability to do chores. I'm happy for the simple advice I received. I hope these chores will teach the boys responsibility and make them great men in the future. Chores are great for kids and great for mommy too.

-Peace& Many Blessings

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