Friday, July 30, 2010

No Limits with Open Sky

Hey Mamas,

  Not too long ago this week I was getting dressed watching Good Morning America. The story that peaked my interest was about mothers working from home.  I'm thinking to my self I have to watch this. I find out one lady is a blogger working from home reviewing and selling products to her readers that she loves and! I instantly write down the link. Open Sky! I'm running to the computer that's for me. I sign up on the website and a day later I get an email. I get invited to be apart of Open Sky and open up my own shop! The nice part about Open Sky is someone calls you to get you started and familiar with the company. I was called by Matt. He answered all my questions about Open Sky and helped me to feel comfortable about selling.

  So ladies August 10th I'm open for business. My shop will be open and I'm ready to let you know whats hot! I will only inform you about products I love that I know you will love. You will be able to easily purchase my reviewed products from me. Open Sky was the perfect fit for me being a blogger and loving to review great products. We hear about products everywhere but now you can buy from an everyday person like your self. I'm happy to say this will be a new element added to my blog that will get you even more involved with me. If your a blogger or have a small business and great products check out Open Sky. Go to the steps to getting started are super easy! Be on the look out for my Blaque Beauty Mama product reviews. I hope you will enjoy!

-Peace & Many Blessings

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