Monday, September 6, 2010

Eating In The Dark: Mama put down the cookie!

OK...I'm a night eater. My cravings come at night and I love to eat junk. You can find me eating cookies while the open refrigerator gives me enough light to stand in the dark. I know I'm getting bad when I really don't care about how much I consume at night. I know its wrong but I'll eat something sweet and then drink a bottle of water and tell my self that was your healthy choice for tonight. I know I'm not alone with the sweet tooth night cravings. Some people might like to eat salty food at night but sweets are my thing. So next grocery visit I have a plan to turn around my bad prego night cravings. I have to before I'm a fat girl and not a phat girl. Its easy to pack on the pounds while pregnant. I have a plan and I wanted to share it with my preggers & night eating readers....

  • Drink lots of water with meals and in between. Water can fill you up and make you eat small amounts of food.
  • Have fruit rinsed off and cut all ready in Ziploc bags for quick eating.
  • A nice trail mix can be nice for when I want a little salty sweet treat.
  • Also have vegetables in bite sizes rinsed and ready to eat.
  • Dark chocolate Raisinets are healthier to eat instead of the milk chocolate ones.
  • Keep a box of Chocolate Cheerios in the house to eat dry with out
  • Maybe granola bars can replace my cookies
  • Stop buying junk food period and only have healthy options for me and the boys

    So I will see how it works out and update you later. Its late right now and I'm trying finish this chocolate cake before I go on my healthy eating voyage...ttyl

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