Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Beauty Business is still on top

It's not amazing to me that even in this horrible economic times "the beauty business" is still making money. As times get harder cosmetic sells soar. After 911 happened it was reported that spa services, cosmetic sells, and hair care were at a high. Saying all this when the going gets tough buy a new lipstick. We all know that won't take away the problems we have but it sure is nice to look good. Feeling better about your appearance can always be a boost. So go out and buy that one favorite beauty product you just cant live without. I think I'll go buy some mascara, that's my favorite beauty product. See you in a beauty store near you!!! If your feeling guilty remember Blaque Beauty Mama said it okay to treat your self 2 one thing, lol.

-Peace Mamas

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