Friday, December 5, 2008

Life is full of disappointments

Two days a go I got the news I'm having a little boy. I was very disappointed because I really wanted a girl. I thought I would have tons of girls not 5 boys, lol. Yes, I might sound selfish and ungrateful and sorry if I offend. I felt just like the frowning little girl in the picture. I was sad and had my time to be upset and disappointed.

Life can be full of disappointments but we must always remember the good things in our life. There is nothing wrong with being disappointed. My girl Qee let me know it's okay and I know that because I wont stay in that feeling forever. I can't say this is the last baby for me. I will leave it in the Lord's hands. I love my boys never get it twisted but that wont stop me from wanting a girl.

Times are getting hard and there will be major and minor disappointments in you life. Your life wont wont seem so bad if you keep in mind all the great things & people within it. Feel disappointed but don't stay there and let it fester. Keep it moving Mamas!!!

-Peace Mamas

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