Friday, December 12, 2008

A better reflection

In "the 2ND gate of hell" I wait for my number to be called. While waiting a woman comes in with her daughter. The lady next to me knows the woman and they greet one another. "She gets on my nerves... I can't stand her", said the woman with the little girl. I look at the child and then look at her. The woman stands there looking at her daughter annoyed as the child smiles back at her. The little girl is full of life with light in her eyes and a sweet little voice. I smile at her and think she looks just like her mother but better. The mother doesn't look that great, but I believe once upon a time she looked very similar to her daughter.
Life has taken over the mothers looks as the child is full of youth. Our little ones are only better reflections of us. One day our children will have little ones that are greater than them. I have a mini me that looks just like me. I look at his eyes and see me. I only hope that he is better than me. As I look at my own reflection I wonder has life got the best of me? Will my own children see the frustration and tiredness in my eyes? I don't cast judgement on the woman I saw but she made me wonder about my self. Our mirror image doesn't just reflect from a mirror but reflects also from our child's eyes.
-Peace Mamas

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