Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red is sexy and so are you

A red dress can be short, long, slit up the side or off the shoulder and it will still be sexy. People have their different views on the color red. I have heard it brings out emotions that get the blood pumping. Emotions like passion and anger to name a few. I also heard from a professional match maker on television red is the color for women to wear on their first date. Your date will never forget the color if you end up together and the color red is suppose to excite. The top color that men love but don't see women wear often is the color red. I asked my husband how did he feel about the color red would it turn his head? He told me ,"Well you don't see a black woman in the hood to often strutting around in a red dress." So I say to my Mamas add a little red dress to your wardrobe forget the little black dress. Red is the classic sexy dress. Please my friends don't get sexy twisted with slutty. If your too scared to wear the red dress ease your self into the sexy with these classic tricks:

  • Red nails- Women have did this for decades
  • Red lips- Please do it right and do not line them with black eyeliner and choose the right shade.
  • Red shoes-This is another color that goes perfect with neutral clothes
  • Red bra and panties- Key way to feel sexy is to wear matching sets and red just pushes it over the top.

Have fun Mamas!


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